The tough transits of this fall have left many people drained, but this weekend the stars encourage us to rest and recover as Mercury trines and the moon conjuncts dreamy Neptune under a drifting and sensitive Pisces moon. Keep agendas light; find a safe spot to be sensitive. Let’s also carefully place ourselves in environments that nurture us.

Rest well over the weekend, because it’s going to be a busy week. The moon enters dynamic Aries on Monday and asks us to get down to brass tacks. On Tuesday, the sun joins Mercury, Venus, and Jupiter in focused Scorpio, where we can develop an attitude.

The Taurus full moon calls for comfort and security, which may clash with the Scorpio call to explore mysteries. As the full moon conjuncts chaotic Uranus, we get dealt wildcards. If things start to get strange, take a deep breath and find calm. Be ready to catch the fly ball, and watch the headlines for pertinent information.

We now have six planets in stubborn fixed signs: four Scorpio planets, Mars in Aquarius, and a Taurus moon. Pushing political or more personal issues will only entrench us. What helps is to develop a mystery: Ask a good question, dare people to explore options, or bring some shocking new information to the table.

Friday, Oct. 19: Political debates abound this morning. The mood is intuitive but impatient as Mercury trines perceptive Neptune and squares active Mars. These aspects can either help us be decisive or we can jump to conclusions; it’s up to us to figure out what’s really going on. We grow more sensitive as the moon enters Pisces. Our minds wander tonight.

Saturday, Oct. 20: Drift and dream as the Pisces moon trines Venus and conjuncts Neptune. Recover from overwhelming circumstances. This Pisces moon can imbue us with unusually good aesthetic taste, but our senses of time and budget could be way off. People may be sensitive to any slights but a little oblivious of others’ feelings.

Sunday, Oct. 21: We are permeable and easily absorb our surroundings. A moon-Jupiter trine encourages us to look for opportunities and fan any flames of hope and gratitude this afternoon. It will be good medicine for all involved. Rest up for a busy week ahead.

Monday, Oct. 22: The moon enters Aries this morning, cranking up the volume and asking us to get down to business. Our curiosities are strong as Mercury sextiles Pluto. Investigate rather than worry, speak up rather than get pushy. Give people extra room for their opinions.

Tuesday, Oct. 23: Breathe and invoke patience. On this high-octane day, our first reactions can be volatile. The sun enters Scorpio and opposes Uranus. Expect the unexpected, and stay grounded and centered to handle the willful mood and strange events productively. Don’t give orders, just be clear. It’s a good day to stop a bad habit or break away from a difficult situation.

Wednesday, Oct. 24: We’ll dig in our heels when pushed under today’s full Taurus moon, so coax others with curiosity and delicious comfort instead. Fights started today will linger; choose battles carefully. Trusted friends and traditions can help us as Venus sextiles Saturn.

Thursday, Oct. 25: The energy level drops, and we need endurance rather than enthusiasm. If we feel a need to prove our points as the moon squares Mars, let’s ask if it’s really necessary. Follow through on yesterday’s events, clean up the mess, and investigate surprisingly great ideas. Just take a second look and do a feasibility study before building momentum. ◀

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