Star Codes: Oct. 2 to 8

The astrological conditions change fast this week as several planets change signs: Saturn turns direct after many months retrograde, there’s a partial solar eclipse, and the new moon in Scorpio sharpens our focus. Think where to steer the boat and be ready to run with the shifting winds.

The weekend begins sweet, nervy, and self-conscious, if anxiously preoccupied, with Mercury, Venus, and the sun in friendly Libra under an industrious if nervy Virgo moon. We can also overthink and second-guess ourselves in six directions and overflow with great ideas but find it difficult to stay focused unless we’re really excited about our work.

On Saturday the sun conjuncts Venus in Libra and starts a new cycle that encourages peace and beauty. The energy shifts on Sunday as both Venus and the sun enter Scorpio, bringing a more focused intensity.

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