Look for a burst of honesty as the weekend begins and the moon conjuncts talkative Mercury in outspoken Sagittarius. A helpful and warmhearted trine between Venus and Mars in chatty air signs helps us to open lines of communication and make plans for the future. Just watch for a tendency to get complacent in those opinions.

But we don’t just talk about it — over the weekend, a wonderfully competent Capricorn moon encourages us to follow through and do the work. Sunday and Monday, we feel the desire to pick up our work where we left off a few weeks ago as the sun sextiles Pluto. Some people may wrestle with the grim mood, but most of us can feel satisfaction as we make progress.

Midweek is good for team meetings and coordinating plans for the coming holidays. The Aquarius moon encourages cooperation, but our opinions may still be entrenched. We may need to step away from national and interpersonal politics and come back to our own emotional processes toward the end of the week as the moon and Mars enter sensitive Pisces on Thursday.

Mercury retrogrades from Nov. 18 to Dec. 7, so let’s work that into our holiday preparations. Buy tickets and send out invitations, but keep plans flexible to manage unexpected events. We may already notice a whiff of confusion and uncertainty as mental Mercury moves into a square with intuitive, confusing Neptune at the end of the week. People may feel like they have been juggling too much. Let’s choose those things that are most important, and keep our eyes on them in the coming weeks.

Friday, Nov. 9: The mood is clear and sociable, but a sleepy spell looms. Look for interesting conversations about old relationships and a chance to share interests. Weave connection as Venus and Mars trine in voluble air signs under an adventurous Sagittarius moon.

Saturday, Nov. 10: It’s a good day for day trips, first dates, and good conversation as the moon sextiles Venus and Mars. Honor the need to do things a little differently. If grumpiness seeps back in tonight, rest now and talk later.

Sunday, Nov. 11: Don’t take grimness personally; many people are in a mood. But we can make that mood productive if we ask great existential questions and then apply the answers. Watch for issues about the chain of authority as the sun sextiles Pluto.

Monday, Nov. 12: We may need to come to terms with consequences as the moon conjuncts Pluto. By afternoon, the energy can shift into a practical future-focused approach. Ask what is the next concrete step that can get the ball rolling.

Tuesday, Nov. 13: Take a good inventory this morning, reassess the schedule, and see what needs to be changed based on recent shifts. A spate of efficient adjustments now will save time later on. The energy level may drop; people need time to catch up with each other and get on the same page this afternoon as the moon enters Aquarius.

Wednesday, Nov. 14: People may be cheerfully entrenched in their opinions. Fuzzy thinking begins to seep in as Mercury approaches the square to Neptune; while this feeds our imagination, people can cling to their favorite delusions and won’t appreciate a wake-up call.

Thursday, Nov. 15: Feelings may be tender and soft on the inside and guardedly prickly on the outside as Mars enters Pisces and Mercury squares Neptune. Speak up for the dispossessed and help others manage their fears. Take care of personal vulnerability without attacking others. Put this available active imagination to good use. ◀

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