A house full of relatives, verbose Mercury now retrograde in tactless Sagittarius, attentions wandering from too much food, and too many Black Friday sales: What could go wrong?

Let’s keep our senses of humor nearby and make the most out of accidentally outrageous comments this week as retrograde Mercury conjuncts expansive Jupiter and approaches a square to feisty Mars. Minor transportation accidents and accidental revelations occur more often when we’re flustered.

Mercury retrograde can be great for traveling back home for the holidays. Discuss old problems with a fresh and open approach. We can easily tread on another’s emotional toes with Mars now in sensitive Pisces, so speak with kindness. But Mars in Pisces can also open our senses of compassion toward those who are truly vulnerable. Let’s not exaggerate our own problems, though.

We can stir the sparks of an old romantic connection, or meet new friends through familiar situations, as Venus in friendly Libra opposes unexpected Uranus. Bring that spark home to ongoing relationships and break routines together. Because this opposition can give us a strange aesthetic sense, think twice before ordering an ugly Christmas sweater.

The mood is talkative as the weekend begins. Conditions are better for wandering outside than wrestling with crowds at the mall. The moon enters Cancer late on Saturday, when people’s deeper feelings are activated.

Transportation and attitudes both get tricky Sunday and Monday as Mercury squares Mars. Give people a day to get back into the saddle. Tuesday brings a relatively generous mood as the moon enters Leo and trines the sun, Mercury, and Jupiter. Keep that momentum through the rest of the week.

Friday, Nov. 23: The mood is scattered. Social awkwardness can either poke our sensitivities or be hilarious. Our attention spans are short. It’s a good night for a movie as the moon squares Neptune. Just watch the driving.

Saturday, Nov. 24: Philosophize about spiritual questions. Just don’t let entrenched opinions become a wedge between beloveds. Keep an eye on sloshing liquids, and don’t over-imbibe. As the moon enters comfort-loving Cancer tonight, skip the leftovers. Check in with people who have suffered a recent loss.

Sunday, Nov. 25: Morning can be cranky and sentimental as the moon trines Mars. We can find the new sense of possibility if we regroup and center midday as the sun conjuncts Jupiter. Tempers fray later on.

Monday, Nov. 26: Think through important decisions this morning, but let people re-orient before pushing an agenda. Cranky edges show in domestic issues and politics. Get the ducks in a row for an interesting day tomorrow.

Tuesday, Nov. 27: Pitch ideas and begin short-term projects as the Leo moon trines Jupiter, Mercury, and the sun. People are more willing to see possibilities. Laziness beckons us to indulge, but we can use optimism to accomplish instead.

Wednesday, Nov. 28: Follow through on this oddly disjointed day. Don’t drop the ball on yesterday’s good beginnings. Don’t take another’s sudden indecision personally. Prioritize important things over passing desires. Check in often with teammates before getting the ball rolling.

Thursday, Nov. 29: It’s a day to fine-tune, repair, and heal as the moon enters Virgo. Midday, some turbulence can muddy the waters, but we can take advantage of a productive afternoon. Manage anxiety. ◀

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