This is it: election week. The stars suggest that one chapter ends and a new one begins. The world has grown grimmer over the last few years as we work toward a pivotal nexus in 2020, when the two planets we associate with power and control, Saturn and Pluto, conjunct in Capricorn. The politics of the United States stay in metamorphosis through 2023 as Pluto returns to the same position as when our country was born. These are revolutionary aspects.

This growing Saturn-Pluto conjunction really questions how we use power and how we hold boundaries. The meeting in Capricorn is intensely competent, but we have to add idealism in order to turn this conjunction to serve all sentient beings.

This Sunday, an idealistic sun-Neptune trine reminds us to dream big. On Monday, change is in the wind as the moon conjuncts Venus in woman-empowering Libra. Through Monday and Tuesday, the moon enters focused Scorpio, and we remember; the recent past sits with us and affects our decisions.

Wednesday brings a new moon that begins an intense cycle, one that will help us get down to work and continue to stir the depths of the human psyche to see what monsters lurk there. On Thursday, Jupiter enters its own sign of Sagittarius with a fresh need to express ourselves as a new momentum builds.

In our personal lives, we can find competence on Friday. Communicate and share ideals over the weekend. The early week brings focused intensity and a flood of old memories. Mark one chapter ending and a new one beginning.

Friday, Nov. 2: Get it done today as the Virgo moon trines Uranus and Saturn. After about 6 p.m., the energy level drops. The world may feel too much with us — and we need a break.

Saturday, Nov. 3: Chores and responsibilities can bring joy and camaraderie. The industrious Virgo moon trines Pluto in the morning and reminds us of what we haven’t done yet. Be careful not to set off another’s defenses. Hopefulness wafts in tonight.

Sunday, Nov. 4: Take a moment to put work aside and move into the right relationships as the moon enters Libra and squares Saturn. Consider the soul’s connection to spirit. Then see how this balance can re-enter daily life and politics.

Monday, Nov. 5: Work through a wave of potential discouragement. Channel the mountains and the earth beneath and feel that strength supporting us. Good changes catalyze as the moon trines Mars and the sun trines Neptune tonight. Remember ideals as well as the bigger picture.

Tuesday, Nov. 6: We wake up with a strong emotional upsurge as the moon conjuncts Venus and enters Scorpio before 6 a.m. Change is in the works, but in what direction depends on who responds to the call. Feel the extra charge to all we do. Concentration is available to us if we duck below distractions and focus on what is important.

Wednesday, Nov. 7: A new cycle begins on the new moon. We can see down the road now, and it’s important to state our intentions positively and focus on what we want. Strong emotions show through action, touch, and intuition.

Thursday, Nov. 8: Jupiter and the moon both enter Sagittarius this morning and a weight is lifted. Sagittarius brings fresh impatience and an outspoken desire for the truth, as well as an unwillingness to put up with dysfunction. We can feel a positive new potential, but must tap into it with our actions. ◀

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