Star Codes: Oct. 2 to 8

Start a home improvement project this weekend, but don’t try to talk anyone else into joining; just make it look like fun. A certain existential restlessness or emotional discontent and longing can either go into sadness or provocation or toward improving our world through an act of creation, aesthetics, or compassion.

With this discontent we could come up with spontaneously wonderful ideas, but let’s think it through. We can be so impulsive with the sun, Mercury, and Venus all in restless Sagittarius and activating Mars retrograde in nervy Gemini.

Sagittarius energy is usually remarkably open-minded, compassionate, and honest, but hidden within every sign, planet, or placement is the seed of its opposite. The shadow side of Sagittarius can be to believe one’s own story so it doesn’t sound like a lie or to engage in an odd reckless selfishness in the name of self-expression. So let’s stay grounded and keep our hearts open and considerate.

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