What we plant this week will grow deep roots, whether it’s seedlings, a spring fling, a grudge, or political machinations as the moon waxes under an earthy Taurus sun. Mercury, also in grounded Taurus, helps our nervous systems stay stable and stubborn. This stability is underlined by a sun-Saturn trine on Saturday and a sun-Pluto trine on Monday. Both can help us stay on our game and keep priorities clear.

This earthy Taurus energy helps us deal with brave, outgoing, and occasionally emotionally discontent energy resonating from Venus in feisty Aries, and from Mars in communicative Gemini. Venus in Aries and Mars in Gemini can also bring a spark to the eye and panache to our flirtation, which intensifies as Venus and Mars form a friendly, restless sextile toward week’s end.

Let’s take our beloveds out to cavort and explore. We’ll want something new — candidates, clothes, solutions — and our eyes can be distracted by passing beauty. For those free to form new connections, it’s a good week to pursue favorite things and notice who else is pursuing them with you.

In established relationships, hold hands and explore fresh possibilities together. Collaborate and cross-pollinate while people are receptive. Venus enters her own sign of Taurus and Mars enters self-protective Cancer on Wednesday, shifting our energy inward, toward family or home posses.

Friday, May 10: Use a healthy organizational skill to assist in work; stay at the wheel even when spring weather and an indulgent Leo moon call us out to play. Ego issues can trip us up in midafternoon, but we can bypass them if we delve into our generous hearts. The evening has great potential, although the head and heart may disagree.

Saturday, May 11: The mood is extroverted, though we can feel a tension between practical needs and lyrical wants. It can be frustrating to sit home alone tonight; find an excuse to get out of the house.

Sunday, May 12: Morning pulls us between the luxury of sleeping in and the desire to get out and about. Personal projects need attention midday as the moon enters Virgo and trines Uranus. Don’t be guilt-tripped into somebody else’s project. Tonight, fine-tune intention, priorities, and schedules.

Monday, May 13: It’s a good day to initiate a new phase of work, though it can be hard to get started. Build momentum toward a specific, pragmatic goal. It all gets easier as the moon, Mercury, and Saturn form a grand trine in pragmatic earth signs.

Tuesday, May 14: Put people first on this complicated day. Straighten out relationships and all else falls into place. Enjoy flirtatious empathy as Venus sextiles Mars — it can help balance more problematic issues. Laugh, connect, and find it easier to work together as the moon enters companionable Libra. Personal overtures go further in the afternoon.

Wednesday, May 15: Slow down and smell the roses as Venus leaves Aries and enters its own sensual sign of Taurus. Mars leaves Gemini and enters introspective Cancer. Sweet, possessive, territorial, cuddly — these planetary changes can help us feel more contented, more protective of what we have, and potentially desirous of something or somebody just out of reach.

Thursday, May 16: A new focus can either help us finish projects or nudge us toward our obsessions as Mercury trines Saturn and the moon enters intense Scorpio. If we don’t like where our mind perseverates, we can choose to focus elsewhere. Relationship issues can get possessively volatile; instead of getting snarky, ask a beloved for reassurance.

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