Prepare your gardens, whether actual or metaphorical, during the day on Saturday and then get your plants in order. What we plant on this new moon is likely to grow. That growth could stir the pot because the moon approaches a trine to Saturn and Pluto on Sunday, then opposes those two on Thursday. Saturn and Pluto run together for this year and define one of the big questions of our time: How do we use power responsibly? This is a weekend to fertilize and support anything with potential.

Although this stabilizing Taurus sun and moon can calm down some of the recently volatile Aries energy, Venus and Mercury are still in Aries as the weekend begins, adding that trigger response: a strong emotional torque with fierce defenses. Tempers can flare and drop easily.

Early next week, Mercury enters Taurus and slows down that reactive temperament but increases our healthy stubbornness. From Sunday night through Tuesday, the moon in verbal Gemini encourages us to reach out and plant ideas.

On Tuesday, our relationships can feel tested by responsibilities or hard work. Relationships that pass that test can strengthen us. We’re challenged to find a balance between relations and our fierce independent natures, or we could challenge our relationships. Let’s not forget to consult our beloveds when we make decisions.

Conversation around funding for the arts, the roles and voices of women, and financial stability are intense this week as Venus in Aries stays busy, first squaring serious Saturn on Tuesday, then trining expansive Jupiter and squaring deep Pluto on Thursday.

Friday, May 3: Put out minor fires this morning; deal with urgencies, inflammations, and frayed tempers. The mood grows more agreeable as the moon enters Taurus midafternoon. Prepare the ground for tomorrow’s plantings. Enact healthy shifts that complete a cycle.

Saturday, May 4: Our senses want to be fed this morning: We want to be cuddly, comfortable, and tend what nurtures and cultivates our lives. Tend one another, but hold healthy boundaries. Then plant trees and ideas after the moon and sun conjunct in early evening.

Sunday, May 5: Plant anything that needs to grow, but do not nurture animosity or a grudge. A wonderfully muscular Mars-Jupiter opposition can help us dig that garden or wrestle in sports and logic, but keep a sense of humor. Talk about it tonight as the moon enters Gemini.

Monday, May 6: Plant words, ideas, and concepts under the waxing Gemini moon. Mercury enters sensuous Taurus and the sound of our voices becomes important. We need to have a more poetic edge and exhibit a need to slow down, but we can feel more opinionated. 

Tuesday, May 7: Constraints or responsibilities can cramp our creative or romantic styles as Venus squares Saturn. Expect challenging conversations as the moon conjuncts Mars around dinnertime. Rein in impatience and stay focused while driving; accidents due to distractions are more likely.

Wednesday, May 8: We won’t change our minds under pressure, but as Mercury conjuncts Uranus this morning, we may change our perspective or deal with odd new information that makes us think. The moon enters Cancer at midday and leaves us more defensive. Comfort and safety are deeply appreciated this evening.

Thursday, May 9: Women lead the conversation as Venus in Aries trines Jupiter and squares Pluto. Our impatient hearts want to leap to conclusions, but we can leap to affection instead. Events may demand our compassion around noon, so don’t push people away. In the late afternoon, our guards may come up, and small experiences give way to big changes. ◀

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