Star Codes: Oct. 2 to 8

The sun in earthy Taurus encourages us to plant and sow, root and grow, but that can send us in five different directions. Mercury turns retrograde on Tuesday in its own nervy and verbal sign of Gemini. While this Mercury speeds up our conversation and helps us multitask, he might find it hard to stay focused. Stories of the past could trigger old personal or cultural traumas that still need work.

Expansive Jupiter joins Venus in feisty and fierce Aries this week and amps up the power of feminine divine. Expect intense flashes of temper around what we love, hate, and care about. This Venus can help us respond to emergencies with heroism, grace, and efficiency but also encourages us to react to a minor problem as if it’s a conflagration. Mars in Pisces can leave us easily overwhelmed unless we handle one problem at a time.

As the weekend begins, a thoughtful Cancer moon can leave us feeling bittersweet, longing to feel safe and connected after a long week. Over the weekend a more festive Leo encourages us to balance our needs with other people’s expectations and refill our wells.

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