The planets suggest that our feelings may get soggy this week. Friday starts out achy in either the body or the heart, but heralds the potential for great camaraderie over the weekend. Next week, the conditions inside and out can get sloppy as Mercury retrogrades, or appears to back up, in sensitive, swampy Pisces.

Whether we have old pains in our bodies that ache in the cold, or just cabin fever after a snowy winter, some familiar problem raises its head as the Capricorn moon conjuncts dour Saturn and Pluto. This aspect can make us restless.

But art and good conversation help. Beauty-loving Venus can help us find a temporary cure for our tough moods if we engage our hearts in an act of compassion. Venus squares eccentric Uranus and then leaves Pisces to enter friendly Aquarius. The artists within us can find an answer when the logicians in us cannot. Our tribes can make us happy and provide comfort as the moon and Venus conjunct in Aquarius over the weekend.

Then things get complicated. It’s important that we tend to our practical work on Monday, even if we feel like we’re walking through slush. Everything slows down as Mercury retrogrades in Pisces on Tuesday and is under the new moon in Pisces on Wednesday. The next few weeks may be wonderful for intuitive work but potentially tricky for pragmatic communications. We need to find good ways to be sensitive while not getting stuck in emotional swamps. Our imaginations will be stronger than our concrete logic throughout March.

Friday, March 1: Let any emotional discomfort inspire positive changes as the moon conjuncts Saturn and Pluto. Any change of pace, or different environment, can really shift those gears and help good things happen.

Saturday, March 2: Logistical difficulties require extra time this morning. People may not want to get too cozy, but we’re in this together. Camaraderie opens our minds this afternoon and encourages us to gather and engage in far-ranging conversations.

Sunday, March 3: Be careful on this potentially cranky or accident-prone morning as the moon squares Mars. Consciously complete sentences rather than leave the conversation dangling. Wander and soak up the cultural richness.

Monday, March 4: Batten the hatches; organize and align before Mercury retrogrades tomorrow. Put pieces in place, and make the contacts necessary for the next few weeks of work. Conversation wanders tonight but can roam over some lovely landscape.

Tuesday, March 5: Hurry up and wait. Pad the schedule and keep a handkerchief nearby. The moon enters Pisces this morning and sensitizes us as Mercury retrogrades and slows us down. We can pick up feelings from others without noticing their origins. Patience, empathy, and some slapstick humor can help us bond.

Wednesday, March 6: A Pisces new moon asks us to sit with our feelings. We certainly won’t be running anywhere fast, so let’s meditate on perception. Reach for spiritual resources under duress. Watch for those emotional swamp moments. Do acknowledge any feelings but don’t go down the depression rabbit hole. Let beauty feed the soul.

Thursday, March 7: Our feelings stay sensitized this morning, but our competence picks up as the moon enters proactive Aries midday. As our impatience grows, so does our tendency to bump into emotional issues. Before spouting off, ask questions and get clarity. Express emotions productively. ◀

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