Our brains can feel as muddy as a spring landslide this month, but we can still be productive. Two opposing astrological patterns affect us. Mercury retrograde slows us down, while Mars in earthy Taurus encourages us to make progress.

On the flooded side, Mercury, the planet that symbolizes how we think, communicate, and move through the world, now retrogrades in intuitive Pisces. Not only is Mercury retrograde until March 28, but it conjuncts creative, confusing, watery Neptune between March 24 and April 2. This aspect can make this Mercury retrograde feel unusually foggy.

Although our intuitions and imaginations can be fed by this transit, we can feel easily overwhelmed. We need to keep our eyes out for floods and mudslides, quite literally, through early April. We can also feel flooded on the inside if emotions well up and dampen our inner flames.

But we have some astrological help. Mars and Uranus have entered practical Taurus, and encourage us to work steadily toward productive change. This week we can tap into a tortoise-like endurance to deal with what needs to be done as Mars trines pragmatic Saturn.

Mars in Taurus can also stir up possessiveness. Don’t toy with anyone’s affections, and before going off in a jealous rage, or any kind of rage, actually, check the facts. Twice.

We have an energy boost on Friday and Saturday from an impatience-producing Aries moon. The moon enters Taurus on Sunday morning and encourages us to slow down and let go of some old anger. Midweek, a talkative Gemini moon speeds up the conversation but can bring up some free-floating anxiety or encourage us to multitask to the point of inefficiency. Track what needs to be tracked carefully. Tap into competence as Mars trines Saturn on Thursday.

Practice good Mercury retrograde skills. Take a book to read during delays; keep track of phones, glasses, wallets, and keys; drive carefully; confirm plans; and check for misunderstandings before spouting off.

Friday, March 8: We’d like to be a super-person as the Aries moon calls for greatness, but we may feel like a tired Clark Kent instead. Let’s not berate ourselves on the difference but, rather, take care of ourselves.

Saturday, March 9: Jump on those projects as the sun sextiles practical Saturn. Measure twice, keep an eye on the plans, and check for mistakes along the way. Engage in conversations about personal responsibility.

Sunday, March 10: After dealing with some potentially unsettling events or dreams overnight as the moon conjuncts Uranus, we need to rest and reset as the moon enters earthy Taurus.

Monday, March 11: People may be relatively humorless but can be jollied along with reassurance. Security is important; watch if something feels like it’s about to slip, whether that’s our footing on an icy sidewalk, a relationship, or finances. Take conscious action this morning.

Tuesday, March 12: Conversation picks up, and so does anxiety as the moon enters verbal Gemini. Stay in the present and manage the nerves. Keep the dialogue going.

Wednesday, March 13: Emotions fluctuate and moods and weather change quickly, though with a definite momentum. We need to be conscious of how we use our resources and our willpower and question how we define freedom as the sun squares Jupiter.

Thursday, March 14: Several pots cook on the fire this morning, but don’t spread the energy too thin. Focus on a few things and get them done. The moon enters sensitive Cancer in midafternoon and our emotions well up; steadiness is greatly appreciated. ◀

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