This week the stars loan us determination as Mars trines Saturn and Pluto in earth signs. We can make real progress wherever the decisions are clear and we know what we’re doing. 

With Mercury retrograde in absorptive Pisces, close to foggy Neptune, we may have trouble making realistic decisions or telling the difference between satire and news on social media. Check before reposting. We can communicate easily with our hearts, but words alone can be confusing. Because we’re sensitized, we may feel unusually permeable but also easily touched by kind actions. 

With this conjunction, things that flow can be recalcitrant; don’t underestimate bad weather or potential flooding. Stay alert for drunk drivers. Manage personal possessions carefully.

We get some help from Mars and Venus, which square off this week in fixed signs, an aspect that loans us both stability and stubbornness. If we find ourselves squaring off with beloveds or co-workers, it furthers to back off the conflict and get more information.

As the weekend begins, we may feel a need to stay home and cozy up as well as a desire to make connections. Some deeply urgent or important issues could tug at our hearts. Over the weekend, Mercury sextiles Pluto and Mars and encourages us to reconnect with old friends and make new contacts.

The moon enters extroverted Leo on Saturday night. On Monday night, the moon enters industrious Virgo, encouraging us to attend our to-do piles. Then the doors open and energy flows as the vernal equinox arrives on the full moon Wednesday. Welcome spring.

Friday, March 15: Though we may long to curl up in coziness under the domestic Cancer moon, the world calls us to engage a wealth of information as Mercury squares Jupiter. Just remember to take all news with a grain of salt. Don’t push people past their comfort zones; instead, stretch them with stories just outside their experiences.

Saturday, March 16: The moon cycles between engaging aspects and those of overwhelming introversion; take five minutes alone and then re-engage. Look deeper and further midday. As the moon enters extroverted Leo early in the evening, find a party but designate a driver.

Sunday, March 17: Engage interesting new plans and opportunities, collect names, and follow up in April. Appreciate that people can laugh at themselves. If people cross boundaries, speak up firmly.

Monday, March 18: It’s hard to settle down to work; build teams and appreciate employees instead. Headlines and some people’s comments get hyperbolic. A more practical approach with some low-level worry kicks in tonight as the moon enters Virgo.

Tuesday, March 19: Keep it simple. Do what needs to be done, but avoid starting anything new as the industrious Virgo moon opposes Neptune. Trying too hard results in spinning in circles. Catch up, clear the decks, tend to health, and get ready for spring.

Wednesday, March 20: Conflicting aspects can fill our sails or catch us in crosscurrents. Dynamic momentum pours from a grand trine between the Virgo moon, Mars in Taurus, and Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn. Possibilities abound, but the mood can volatilize as the sun enters Aries this afternoon, the moon enters Libra, and they oppose later this evening.

Thursday, March 21: Spring and relationships shift to the front burner — as do all things that can get in the way of relationships as Venus squares Mars. Romance can begin with a good debate. Keep hearts open as heels dig in; don’t stifle another’s right to speak. ◀

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