Spring has sprung, the sun is now in Aries, and lengthening days call us to start afresh. Aries stirs our willpower and encourages new beginnings, but we may have trouble wrangling logistics. We’d rather read a book or wander in the wild as mental Mercury — still retrograde in intuitive Pisces until the end of the week — conjuncts imaginative and confusing Neptune through the first week of April.

So, let’s move steadily and pace ourselves. We can run into danger if Aries enthusiasm pushes us ahead of our ability to pay attention, but we’ll stay safe if we watch out for floods. That Mercury-Neptune conjunction points to water problems, spilled liquids, strange illusions, or an occasionally overwhelmed feeling. We can feel achingly aware of humankind’s vulnerability to circumstances, weather, and delusions. Though the Aries sun calls us to take back our power, we need to do so constructively. Steady, practical activities can give us a firmer footing.

Friday begins collaboratively under a friendly Libra moon. It’s a good time to pick up loose ends and revive old connections. Most of us will have a pleasant if somewhat surreal weekend under an edgy Scorpio moon. But events will come to a head in a few key places. Old resentments and revenge fantasies can crawl out from under a rock. If a situation heats up, support compassionate change.

Spring’s enthusiastic restlessness pulses on Monday and Tuesday as the moon enters restless Sagittarius and Venus is in sensitive Pisces. An industrious Capricorn moon on Wednesday and Thursday wants us to get to work. But we may spin our wheels as Mercury appears to hold still and then turns direct Thursday morning. Check in to make sure that everyone’s on the same page and solutions will fall into place.

Friday, March 22: A rough start becomes collaborative at midday as the moon trines Venus. Revitalize old connections for business and joy. The mood gets edgier around dinnertime as the moon enters Scorpio; we need a break in routine but can feel conflicted about whether or not we want to be around people.

Saturday, March 23: Moody and amorphous, our energy wanders. Introversion and extroversion cycle like breath; we may need to reach out and then pull back for a moment of privacy. Magic is strong, while clarity is not.

Sunday, March 24: Find a healthy way of wrestling with opinions as the Scorpio moon squares Venus and Mars. We may be intuitive if not clearheaded as Mercury conjuncts Neptune, but we can still be staunch in our opinions. Introspection and meditation help.

Monday, March 25:  Events move fast, though the energy swirls in place. An unusual honesty can help us get to the point and make some healthy temporary decisions. But let’s hold off on long-term resolutions, as we may be missing important information.

Tuesday, March 26: Take action to help the underdogs but watch a tendency to take responsibility for another’s happiness as Venus enters soft-hearted Pisces. Keep the boundaries clear.

Wednesday, March 27: We want to get things done under a competent Capricorn moon, but circumstances don’t make it easy. It can be tempting to manipulate — just make sure it’s for the common good. Change is in the wind, but implementation may be delayed.

Thursday, March 28: Straighten out recent problems as Mercury turns direct. Expect delays early on and then moments of magic where everything begins to fall into place. Tonight, we need extra rest as the moon conjuncts organized Saturn. ◀

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