Star Codes: Oct. 2 to 8

Go gently this morning. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed after an overnight full moon in Virgo reminds us of everything that needs to be fixed, healed, or adjusted. It will help to prioritize what’s important rather than feel overwhelmed by the pile.

The mood grows more sociable by the evening and through the weekend under a friendly Libra moon, but we may need to give some room to more vulnerable and sensitive emotions . The sun sextiles Pluto and keeps news of life, death, and war nearby.

Spring begins as the sun enters Aries Sunday at 9:33 a.m., and the moon enters Scorpio 11 minutes later. Both Aries and Scorpio are Mars-ruled combustible signs and bring fuel to any situation. Conflicts could ratchet up as the week goes by; this volatility can either explode or drive our work forward.

To soften the explosions, or add a more revolutionary and liberating aspect, Mercury conjuncts expansive and liberating Jupiter on Monday. Expanded possibilities resonate through a restless and curious Sagittarius moon midweek. Work on those possibilities later in the week under a competent Capricorn moon.

FRIDAY, MARCH 18: An early morning full moon in Virgo can give us worrisome dreams or see us wake up with a too-long to-do list. We focus more on the people around us, value their presence in our life as the moon enters friendly Libra midmorning. Events shake the dust out of our priorities and ask us to bond over the real stuff.

SATURDAY, MARCH 19: Some events may cause us to look at the world differently and challenge our sense of the status quo as Venus squares Uranus. It could be delightful, or it could be disconcerting. Explore options and keep the mind and heart open. Tonight, people want to touch on what really matters as the moon trines serious Saturn.

SUNDAY, MARCH 20: This first day of spring can be glorious and still feel heavy; the astrological weather grows stormy as the sun enters Aries and the moon enters Scorpio. World hot spots percolate, and we may need to deal with unexpected events at home. Go deep, be there for one another, and support but stay out of the middle of a dogfight.

MONDAY, MARCH 21: Tails twitch and irritation spikes easily. Magical thinking can be a gift when it helps us see possibilities but not when it clouds our perceptions. Tempers flare when chosen realities are questioned. Choose to simultaneously see possibilities and be aware of the tough realities of the moment as Mercury conjuncts Jupiter.

TUESDAY, MARCH 22: A volatile mood could either cause problems or create movement as stubborn Mars squares Uranus under an active, forward-thinking Sagittarius moon. Pay attention to avoid impatient accidents and a flaring temper; choose a few clear goals and turn twitchiness into motivation. Take a walk instead of arguing.

WEDNESDAY, MARCH 23: A potentially dreamy, spacey day; the sun conjuncts intuitive, imaginative Neptune. Practicalities fuzz out and car keys get lost unless we track them carefully. Our boundaries feel permeable in all the ways one can manifest that metaphor. Put imagination to good use. Confirm perceptions and communication, particularly with those close to the heart.

THURSDAY, MARCH 24: Morning can feel disorganized or distracted, but our attention coalesces midafternoon as the moon enters Capricorn. A new determination and organization bring challenges and competence. We need to do our own homework rather than get irritated because we don’t think other people are doing theirs. ◀

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