Star Codes: Oct. 2 to 8

This week rolls in like a friendly lamb and roars out like a restless lion. This last weekend of winter begins in a friendly haze as the sun and Mercury join in dreamy Pisces. Our brains sharpen as mental Mercury enters impatient Aries on Saturday night, and that impatient roar magnifies as the sun enters audacious Aries on Monday.

But this weekend it furthers to contact old friends, catch up on stories, and be sociable under an affable and convivial Aquarius moon. Get comfortable and rest up for the busy season ahead as cuddly, comfort-loving Venus in Taurus forms a friendly sextile to Saturn, a planet that likes traditions, familiar things, and people.

Expect a potentially wild Saturday night. Find a good and safe way to howl as Mercury enters Aries. Our minds may activate, but we’ll still feel that late winter lazy haze on Sunday under the Pisces moon.