Enjoy new moments of beauty. As the sun in Gemini opposes Jupiter this weekend, it brings an ephemeral sense of humor with liberating moments that can ease our souls and smooth our interactions. Underneath this late spring bounty growls a more substantial conversation. A Mercury-Mars conjunction imbues us with the power to be decisive. This conjunction encourages us to engage in powerful conversations about what actually keeps us safe and helps us thrive. It will be worthwhile conversation as Mercury approaches a conjunction with Mars and both oppose serious Saturn and Pluto.

This weekend begins festively with melodramatic undertones. Friday brings a great night to dance. Saturday through Monday, the mood is more productive; the stars encourage easily interruptible projects as Venus enters nervy Gemini under a busy Virgo moon. Our work may nag at us even when we are on a picnic, our thoughts returning to what we need to do next. The beginning of the week can have some minor astrological discomforts.

On Wednesday our moods can grumble like a summer thunderstorm, and we easily see what’s out of balance as the Libra moon squares the taskmasters Mars, Saturn, and Pluto. Don’t read this mood onto the innocent mishaps nearby; people may be klutzy or distracted, but tend the deeper issues.

Friday, June 7: We tend to overstate our cases on this talkative and generally fun day. This morning, look for a pleasant change, helpful new information, or a chance to share a story as Mercury sextiles Uranus. Have patience; feelings get tweaked easily during midafternoon. Opportunity abounds and emotions spill over this evening as the raucous Leo moon trines expansive Jupiter.

Saturday, June 8: The astrological weather is sociable and creative with awkward moments sprinkled through the morning as the moon in Leo squares Venus. Save the chores for midafternoon or later, when the moon enters industrious Virgo. Break out of the ordinary tonight as Venus enters Gemini and stirs our desires for fresh pastures.

Sunday, June 9: Our thoughts and our bodies wander as the moon, sun, Jupiter, and Neptune all form a grand square. We get to see all sides of a point of view, but nerves can wind up if we try to figure out what actually happened. Enjoy the wandering and consider possibilities.

Monday, June 10: Our thoughts may still spin in circles, but we have a chance of productivity. We may have trouble concentrating, but we can get an overview of the big picture. Our ideals may feel more important than the practical details, but if we can balance practicality and philosophical beliefs, we can get it all done.

Tuesday, June 11: We may want everything lovely and cooperative under a friendly Libra moon, but a self-protective twitch can make us sound defensive. Be consciously tactful during an awkward phase midafternoon as the moon squares Mercury. Make important decisions around structural aesthetics, building, and personnel questions.

Wednesday, June 12: It’s a complex day­; ­what looks deceptively simple has many layers. We brood over what is right and wrong as the Libra moon squares with tough guys Saturn, Pluto, and Mars. Watch for passive-aggressive undercurrents. Focus on the beauty abounding.

Thursday, June 12: A change of mood can bring a change of heart this morning, but question any sudden decisions as the Scorpio moon opposes Uranus. An old frustration can rear its head, but we can choose to release. Think instead of what protects and nurtures all involved.

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