Welcome to the sunniest weekend of the year, when the sun appears to stand still for three days. Summer begins this Friday as the sun slides into Cancer. Let that light into every corner of the soul.

With the sun, Mercury, and Mars now all in the domestic sign of Cancer, it’s a good time to do our homework. Quite literally, these planets want us to work on our houses, families, country, or any domestic improvement projects, as we’ll have more to offer when our home base is in good shape. Direct this Cancerian concern toward improving the homefront rather than criticizing one another.

Since this year’s Saturn-Pluto conjunction crunches on some big political and environmental questions, we need to keep ourselves resilient and ready to do our parts.

Our emotions run full and strong this week and want to be expressed as heart-centered Venus, now in verbal Gemini, opposes expansive Jupiter, and both square idealistic Neptune. We may deeply believe our ideals but can also get easily lost in our imaginations. This confusion between our hopes and fears and real events can complicate friendships and politics. We need to check facts and check in with anyone we’re trying to help.

Get those home-improvement projects planned and on the way before Mercury retrogrades July 2-30. July will be a great month to take off and have a real summer or follow through on what we plan out now.

Friday, June 21: Feel the turning of the season as the sun enters Cancer this morning. The friendly, communal Aquarius moon trines friendly Venus and helps make it a wonderful day to celebrate. Share and connect. We get more personal over the weekend.

Saturday, June 22: People’s emotions will echo off one another as the moon enters sensitive Pisces this morning and trines the sun. Our intuitions are strong, and we swim in the psychic soup. Good changes can come from honoring our feelings and those of others. Engage in conversations about change this afternoon.

Sunday, June 23: Strange things can trigger an excess of emotions while Venus opposes Jupiter exactly and the moon conjuncts Neptune. We feel one another’s feelings. We can echo fears, worries, or joy, depending on who we’re around. Balance personal boundaries and compassion.

Monday, June 24: We may feel a little disoriented this morning, still processing the weekend as Venus squares Neptune. Energy and movement pick up as the moon trines Mars. We kick into a higher gear and can feel stronger, more independent, and action-oriented tonight as the moon enters Aries.

Tuesday, June 25: We have more energy to do what needs to be done but can waste time in rebellious irritation. Use that Aries moon energy wisely; it’s better to honor some inner calling, go adventuring, or get things done. Create rather than resist. Independent action furthers.

Wednesday, June 26: We’ll be open to overtures and new ideas today, though things may not come out quite the way we want. Willfulness competes with impatience and can produce mistakes unless we walk carefully and choose our words wisely. We can get frustrated easily, but let’s use that to energize our accomplishments.

Thursday, June 27: Calm down and taste the summer as the moon and our mood enter steadier, sybaritic Taurus for the next few days. We still may want to move furniture as both the moon and the sun aspect change-making Uranus, but we can do so with less heat and more tact. ◀

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