Summer waxes full. Time slows down as Mercury, symbolic ruler of movement, speech, and our thinking processes, prepares to turn retrograde from July 7 to 30. The stars encourage new business later in the summer, but right now they ask us to stop, think, tell stories, and nurture our healthy extended family relationships. Early next week, a new moon and solar eclipse in deep-feeling and protective Cancer ask us to ponder the concept of true security, both in our emotional lives and in our politics.

Mental Mercury is now in extroverted Leo, which can help us tell wonderful stories at a family gathering and turn a lively evening at the café into performance art. But we may see hyperbole in the headlines and have a harder time getting out of our own mindsets.

On Friday, a grounded and earthy Taurus moon encourages us to tend to life’s practical considerations. The rest of the month may be less even-keeled, so get organized now. A more frivolous and fun Gemini moon over the weekend can make it hard to stay organized. Mars joins Mercury in Leo and cranks up the braggadocio but encourages us to have a good time when enthusiasm can be channeled to make special moments.

Tuesday’s solar eclipse in Cancer is only visible in the southern hemisphere but affects us all. We may experience some nasty wake-up call when our efforts to remain safe backfire and create more tension than safety.

On July 4, a Leo moon instigates wonderful picnics and fabulous fireworks. But let’s keep the fireworks out of our personal and political battles and keep them in our love lives — and in the sky.

Friday, June 28: The mood is open-minded, but we’ll want to work at our own paces and resist pressures to accelerate. The parenting vibe is strong; let’s honor our cultural mothers and fathers, and notice the tendency to parent one another. Enjoy familiar company over dinner, and let minds wander tonight.

Saturday, June 29: Keep it slow and steady. By midafternoon, the moon enters Gemini. Conversation picks up, but our attentions become diffuse. Keep humor muted tonight.

Sunday, June 30: Make an effort to stay organized and collected. Laugh through the silly pieces and find a way to be generous this afternoon as the moon opposes Jupiter. Spirit, imagination, sentimentality, and a dash of confusion swirl around the edges.

Monday, July 1: As the Gemini moon conjuncts Venus this morning, sort out plans and say what needs to be said without a charge. People gravitate to their own perspectives and become more subjective as the moon and Venus enter emotionally centered Cancer tonight.

Tuesday, July 2: A Cancerian solar eclipse takes us to our hearts and encourages us to start new cycles. It encourages us to express love to our families and communities and can show us where we feel safe.

Wednesday, July 3: Keep the day low-key. Tend to comforts and honor a surplus of free-floating feelings. Share worries, but take them with a grain of salt. Tonight, as the moon heads into Leo, the mood may be entertaining but our personal needs get louder.

Thursday, July 4: It’s a great day for fireworks — just be careful where they go off. Be open to last-minute changes in plans this morning, then enjoy what unfolds. The Leo moon encourages us to build memories that keep us warm during cold times. If people act out, give them positive attention for cooperation and defuse the situation.

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