Make the most of this weekend. It begins with a sociable Leo moon that encourages us to build resilience by enjoying our lives and one another’s company.

On Saturday, a sociable vibe turns into deeper conversation as the moon enters industrious Virgo. Over the weekend, we may need to debate the nature of responsibilities, both political and personal. The moon trines this year’s problem planets, the yearlong Saturn-Pluto conjunction that asks us to look at the fundamental structures of our lives. If our introverted side feels overwhelmed, we may need some downtime.

Late on Sunday, the conversation begins to spin in circles as Mercury turns retrograde through July 31. Drive carefully and speak judiciously. Batten all mercurial hatches: confirm facts and appointments, and pad the schedule with a little extra time. Deepen spiritual practice and look for serendipity in unexpected agendas. Mercury in retrograde can be opportune for going to familiar places. It can also stir up challenging memories of family dynamics, but we can take a different tack this time.

A friendly Libra moon on Monday and Tuesday can help us collaborate to handle some surprising challenges.

But let’s focus on our determination as the moon enters focused Scorpio midweek. If we feel volcanic, we can step away from an argument rather than add fuel to the fire. Think it through and consider the Golden Rule.

Friday, July 5: Make hay while the sun shines. While people may not be that curious about one another, they may be happy to share a positive experience as the Leo moon trines Jupiter. Prioritize connections rather than accomplishments.

Saturday, July 6: Although the mood is still generally warm, prickly edges begin to show. Our introverted side needs some rest, so take a moment alone. People will love to give advice; ask them for it and make them happy. If a good conversation veers off course, don’t try to make it go anywhere. Use it to listen deeply.

Sunday, July 7: Feel that impulse to be efficient, tend to details, and get things done as the Virgo moon trines Saturn and Pluto. But wheels will spin if we try too hard. Carefully track anything that needs to be done and prioritize safety and kindness over quickness and efficiency.

Monday, July 8: Move slowly. Let everyone regain equilibrium before launching into the week. Fairness at home and in politics becomes a priority as the Libra moon squares Venus. This afternoon, as Mercury conjuncts Mars, tempers flicker, especially if we feel underappreciated or ignored. Check ego issues before spouting off.

Tuesday, July 9: No one wants to deal with direct confrontation, but we may need to draw lines as the sun opposes Saturn. We could feel uncomfortable or stuck, but we have an opportunity to express and strengthen our personal authority with some potentially small but important step.

Wednesday, July 10: Our fuses shorten and our focus sharpens as the moon enters Scorpio and squares Mercury and Mars in Leo. We have no patience with other people’s ego issues; nonetheless, we may wrestle with our own. Pay attention, as there’s an increased likelihood of accidents and accidental comments for the next two days. If people need time alone, let them have it, or suffer the consequences.

Thursday, July 11: Our intuitions and imaginings are strong as the moon forms a grand trine with the sun and Neptune. Our imagination can wander into dark corners — and veer away from sunlight and the realm of possibilities — unless we direct it carefully. People perceive our cranky or kind thoughts, so let’s take responsibility for the energy we put out.

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