Competitive muscular energy can help us achieve our personal best this week or ease us into a barroom (or internet) brawl. Mars, in its own feisty sign of Aries, now forms an energizing trine with expansive Jupiter, encouraging us to blow up a situation before we really investigate the consequences. Venus in flexible Sagittarius can help us take it all with a grain of salt. Together they add fire to all our emotions this week.

So strap on your seatbelts and choose some clear goals to direct these energies. If we’re safe, all is well and it’s a productive week. If we’re facing challenges, we just need to firmly hold our lines. Venus and Mars in fire signs can add enthusiasm and passion to our relationships if we remember to take on challenges together.

The weekend begins with flirtation, conversation, and a desire for friendship as the sun and Mercury, now in community-minded Aquarius, trine a friendly Libra moon, all in talkative air signs. That friendliness can be tempered over the weekend with some frustration or conflict around what’s fair and reasonable as the Libra moon opposes Mars.

On Sunday and Monday, the moon enters intense Scorpio but also sharpens our temperamental spikes. Watch a tendency to fling blame onto others to avoid accepting personal responsibilities. We can be inordinately stubborn, but that doesn’t have to mean closed-minded. That temporary roadblock breaks open on Tuesday as the moon enters mobile Sagittarius and restores our benevolent curiosity.

Friday, Jan. 25: Words and actions may be at variance; notice friendly cooperation on the surface with competitiveness underneath. But we can make smooth progress if we compete against ourselves. Get physically tired to work through pent-up energies. Dinnertime buzzes, but the energy level drops as the moon squares Saturn.

Saturday, Jan. 26: Wrangle in a healthy way, but don’t bite off unnecessary challenges as the peace-loving Libra moon opposes Mars. Start with a plan but stay flexible; unexpected events change the agenda. Tonight, break the routine and spontaneously socialize.

Sunday, Jan. 27: Consider rescheduling a family dinner. The mood is contrary and adversarial, but we can harness this stubbornness positively if we keep our senses of humor. Don’t expect to budge people once they’ve stated their intentions and set their jaws.

Monday, Jan. 28: While the mood is still stubborn and focused, we can turn that stamina into productive work when we’re clear about our goals. If we don’t have many answers, let’s find the one thing we do know and make progress there. Tonight, we may just need to unwind and sit like a bump on a log.

Tuesday, Jan. 29: The mood lightens, but critical thinking lowers as the moon enters upbeat Sagittarius. Seek to understand the truth rather than just spout opinions. Ask the right questions and talk over the why, discuss philosophies and mission statements, or just sketch out intentions for better directions. Don’t make anyone feel cornered.

Wednesday, Jan. 30: People are ready to talk this morning, and a moon-Jupiter conjunction in cheerful Sagittarius can get us out on the slopes or into the dialogue. Work through confusion or sleepiness at midday. Optimism surges around dinnertime.

Thursday, Jan. 31: It’s all water under the bridge as Saturn sextiles Neptune; quite literally, we may see some water erosion effects. Midday, a moon-Venus conjunction encourages a lighthearted generosity toward overtures. So pitch an idea or invite someone out, but respect boundaries in the process.

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