This weekend, a new moon and a solar eclipse in determined Capricorn ask us to take a clear look at our work. These aspects can help us complete one chapter, start a fresh one, and make New Year’s resolutions matter. This new moon encourages us to ask tough questions about personal responsibility, security, and authority in our lives and our culture. Capricorn’s symbol, the mountain goat, encourages us to climb upward.

Momentum picks up this week. On Sunday, as motivating Mars in proactive fire sign Aries is joined by Venus in another restless fire sign, Sagittarius, we may get clues that cause us to lose patience with what’s not working. If it’s time to leave a dysfunctional situation and start anew, do so with a good plan in place.

On Monday, the stars encourage us to put a team together and get that new chapter rolling as the moon enters collaborative Aquarius. While thoughtful Mercury in Capricorn squares Mars in Aries, we may be tempted to quit, tell people off, or run away from home. But let’s keep a lid on it and think through consequences before we spout off. Watch tempers at home, as it can be easy to snap at people we love when we’re frustrated. The key to harnessing this restless energy will be to work toward our goals rather than react against the world’s more annoying occupants.

Let’s catch up with ourselves on Wednesday and Thursday as our sensitivity reasserts itself under an intuitive Pisces moon and the sun conjuncts deep Pluto. Things get real: We may need to deal with issues of mortality or let go of something important in order to step forward. Tend to the inner work now.

Friday, Jan. 4: Life can feel like an itchy wool suit, though the discomfort can be motivating. Feel an ambient emotional torque as both the moon and Mercury enter Capricorn and square irritable Mars. Competence flows, but objectivity is worth gold.

Saturday, Jan. 5: Plan, build, and reorganize, but leave final decisions open until after the new moon this evening. The eclipse offers us an opportunity to start a new chapter. Watch a tendency to become controlling in response to uncertainty. 

Sunday, Jan. 6: Morning could be friction-filled, but we receive information about the next step. We could feel an existential or geological earthquake. It will be easier to see ahead of us. Seek help this afternoon.

Monday, Jan. 7: Put the team together for those new plans; make calls and reach out. People respond with a new openness to exploring possibilities. Instead of running away to join the circus, bring the circus home. In these serious weeks, rediscover fun in being together.

Tuesday, Jan. 8: The mood is argumentative but curious, with many leaders and few followers, which could bring some interesting political fallout as Mercury squares Mars. Joints and tempers are easily inflamed, and accidents and arguments are likely. Stay aware, thoughtful, and count to 10 before reacting.

Wednesday, Jan. 9: Morning brings competence and cooperation as long as we let everyone proceed under their own terms. Later on, we may feel more sensitive when some doubts creep back as the moon enters intuitive Pisces. We’ll need to have compassion. 

Thursday, Jan. 10: Momentum slows but doesn’t stop. If we respond to a flash of sensitivity with kindness, we can reconnect from the heart. When in doubt, respond with generosity. Around dinnertime, take a break as the moon conjuncts Neptune. Use the time to rest and recuperate. ◀

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