While the mood is generally competent and effective, midwinter blues and a reflective Mercury-Pluto conjunction can leave some of us in a restless funk, reviewing our inadequacies or feeling as stuck as national politics. But a change is coming in the stars.

As the weekend begins, we may feel depressed about a situation and compelled to make a difference as the sun squares Uranus. If an important decision needs to be made, don’t just give in: Make sure that decision is ripe. Over the weekend, a cozy Cancer moon encourages us to curl up through winter weather and nurture our domestic situations.

Fate’s wheel turns further on Sunday as the sun enters Aquarius, the moon enters Leo, and they oppose in the lunar eclipse. The super blood moon is so called because it appears larger, and red, as it passes through our earthly shadow. Lunar eclipses can ripen and precipitate events and illuminate some apparent dichotomy that needs balancing. Here we feel the debate between Aquarius and Leo, highlighting the tension between personal and group needs. It challenges each of us to let ourselves fully express our inner natures while keeping our egos out of the way.

Underneath this introspection is a river of interpersonal warmth. It’s a great week to renew the sparks with one another and remember our passion for our work or our politics. Romantic Venus conjuncts expansive Jupiter in Sagittarius, and they both trine Mars in Aries, all in fire signs. We could fall in love with a new puppy, someone with a foreign accent, or the way the snow falls over pine trees. But it’s not a good week to ignore beloveds.

Our nerves wind up on Wednesday. We may rethink or review our doubts as Mercury squares Uranus and then enters expansive Aquarius. Technical difficulties and communication snags can test our nerves. Don’t let the details of recent projects get lost in the wind.

Friday, Jan. 18: Attend serious work, solve mysteries, and set healthy limits. Avoid power trips as Mercury conjuncts Pluto in Capricorn. If depression whispers, feel the feelings but question assumptions. Encourage an undercurrent of lighthearted irreverence as Venus trines Mars.

Saturday, Jan. 19: A cozy Cancer moon encourages us to domesticate, but those fire signs pull us out to spark new connections. Let’s make the day a mix of both. Watch for unproductive tensions around dinnertime as the moon squares Mars. Enjoy a smoother evening.

Sunday, Jan. 20:  Emotions run high as the super blood moon waxes into Leo. While this can catalyze decisive shifts, be careful. Strong feelings can create an illusion, so verify all information. Let emotions flow safely. Balance conflicting needs.

Monday, Jan. 21: Great ideas meet frustrating circumstances early this morning. Work it out midday. Encourage everyone to feel truly heard. Ease and romance can flow tonight as the moon forms a grand trine with Venus and Mars and ignites future sparks.

Tuesday, Jan. 22: Our hearts may long for wider horizons as Venus conjuncts Jupiter in restless Sagittarius. Good changes percolate midday, though we may grow edgier tonight as the moon enters nervy Virgo.

Wednesday, Jan. 23: We’ll feel better if we stay productively busy as mental Mercury squares electrical Uranus. Open the mind’s eye, but watch for mental shifts because of doubt or insecurity.

Thursday, Jan. 24: People become brittle and opinionated if pushed, but they can be unusually open-minded if not challenged directly. Let go of preconceptions and look with fresh eyes. After a nervy day, we’ll want to feel safe and appreciated under a friendly Libra moon. ◀

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