Let’s take care of our immune systems, our relationships, and our country for the next two weeks. Activating Mars, now in fiery Aries, squares off with the stubborn strength of Saturn in Capricorn. Like a combustion engine, this aspect can help drive us forward but can also spark tempers. We need emotional and physical flexibility to stay healthy and use this momentum wisely.

Luckily, we have easier access to enthusiasm than we did this fall, as the two planets symbolizing our emotional nature, Venus and Mars, are now in energetic fire signs. These can also help us forgive and adapt quickly. They add volatility to our hearts and encourage us to reconnect with life’s passions.

As the weekend begins, a tough sun-Pluto conjunction can ask us to face our problems squarely. We may need to get decisive on Sunday as Mercury conjuncts serious Saturn. It could be time to release what’s not working, so we can reorganize what does. If we’re heading into a touchy maneuver, whether it’s a congressional fight or work negotiation, Saturn suggests we employ formal structure and systems to direct emotional power productively. When the situation gets hot, get organized.

We can more easily find an inspirational creative workaround to our problems early next week as Mercury sextiles creative Neptune and a grounded Taurus moon loans us pragmatism. Mediation and multitasking get easier later in the week under a versatile Gemini moon.

Friday, Jan. 11: Deal with potentially obsessive energies and personal and collective insecurities. We may feel vulnerable under a sensitive Pisces moon, but we stabilize when we do the work that needs to be done. Later on, the momentum drifts. Rest and repair tonight.

Saturday, Jan. 12: New energy and decisions can catalyze us into action under a fiery Aries moon. Morning energizes and communication can flow midday if we share love as well as impatience. Watch sparks of temper and brilliance around dinnertime. If the debate feels destructive, redirect; if it is creative, enjoy.

Sunday, Jan. 13: Our spiritual and imaginative resources are close at hand as Jupiter squares intuitive Neptune, though concrete reality clamors for attention. Some people will tenaciously ignore facts, but we can balance the need for internal peace and external productivity. Summon all maturity to deal with ripening important decisions; set healthy limits. 

Monday, Jan. 14: The situation can still feel urgent as the feisty Aries moon conjuncts change-inducing Uranus and promotes actionable new beginnings. We have more access to the intuitive creativity needed to work around obstacles. This afternoon, the moon enters earthy Taurus and stabilizes the action. Put out fires if they’ve started, and follow through on productive leads. Offer comfort and steadiness.

Tuesday, Jan. 15: Pay attention to timing as the steady Taurus moon adds endurance. Morning brings competence; afternoon encourages our imagination. Utilize an opportunity for clear communication as the moon trines Mercury tonight.

Wednesday, Jan. 16: Complete goals while the moon trines the sun and Pluto this morning. Tonight, the conversation increases as the moon enters verbal Gemini. Check in with teams; find out what the kids have been doing. Find a sense of humor and reconnect with family tonight.

Thursday, Jan. 17: If mixed messages confuse the situation as the moon opposes Venus this morning, laugh. Don’t let small problems interfere with potential alliances. Clear the air later. ◀

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