Star Codes: Oct. 2 to 8

It’s a good time to catch up with friends and reassess our situation rather than push ourselves forward with Venus and Mercury now both retrograde. These retrograde planets can leave us feeling spacey and encourage us to introspect, review, understand, and integrate elements of the past before we take the next step.

It’s an important time to review — both on the personal level and in the big picture — how we got ourselves into our present situations. The sun, Mercury, and Saturn all in Aquarius ask us to look at how our personal life is embedded in the socio-political process. We need to reassess before we push forward later this spring, though it will be tempting to take action as Mars and Mercury enter ambitious Capricorn midweek.

As we review the past, let’s not get caught in the coulda-woulda-shoulda efforts to second-guess what happened. We can only honor the past, make reparations, savor the best bits, and make healthier plans for the


Over the weekend, it furthers to reconnect with old friends or continue an art project under a sociable and friendly Libra moon. Later on Sunday and early next week, we can get frustrated easily as Mars challenges Saturn, and the harder we push, the worse it gets. Slow down and find work-arounds.

Midweek we can expect a confusing clash between a desire for connection and a desire for solitude under a private Scorpio moon. The week ends under an exploratory Sagittarius moon.

FRIDAY, JAN. 21: Cooperate, wrangle details, and make good use of the efficient Virgo moon. Kick back tonight as the moon opposes Neptune; minds will be tired of trying so hard and want rest and fantasy.

SATURDAY, JAN. 22: If the morning brings an irascible mood, let it remind us to tend to our own work rather than nag one another. In the afternoon, find a safe way to engage community; questions of social justice and right proportion as the Libra moon trines sun and Mercury.

SUNDAY, JAN. 23: If our minds feel dull-edged, encourage logic, felt senses, and extrasensory perceptions to work together for deeper understanding. If frustrations arise later as Mars semi-squares Saturn, relax and look for timing, pacing, and the path of least resistance that still gently accomplish the goal.

MONDAY, JAN. 24: Playfulness is dampened and determination increased as Mars enters ambitious Capricorn. Use that determination wisely rather than becoming grim or manipulative. Tonight, as the moon enters Scorpio, we can enjoy each other’s company if we respect boundaries. If someone pulls back, let them know they’re loved, but leave them to their own thoughts.

TUESDAY, JAN. 25: People can get into truly foul moods if the world is not going their way as Mercury retrogrades back into Capricorn under a broody Scorpio moon. Research the past, solve a mystery, and be curious about the world rather than impose willfulness. Tonight, prioritize safety.

WEDNESDAY, JAN. 26: If we’re not in a rush, we can enjoy a pleasant fuzzy, indefinite mood this morning. Clear out minor misunderstandings midday. Tonight, achieve new clarity about a bit of history even if the present feels opaque.

THURSDAY, JAN. 27: The Sagittarius moon brings a casual restlessness just when we need to move consciously, so pay attention and don’t rush. Listen for direct news about problems previously avoided; ask questions and remember that honest answers build good foundations for future growth. ◀

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