Act as if a pool of high-octane astrological fuel is just sitting around in the open for the next two weeks. If we can figure out how to contain and harness it for good, we’ll have healthy fuel to drive our engines.

Some frustration or even outrage at a bona fide misuse of power can put demands on us as this weekend begins. People who feel stuck need a healthy and legal way to change the situation, or they could get destructive. We can certainly find cause for this irritation in the headlines as well as in our personal ambitions, but let’s not involve our relationships unless the blame truly belongs there.

This pool of energetic fuel arises as willful Mars, in its own sparky sign of Aries, forms a challenging square to powerful Pluto this weekend, and then moves toward a conjunction with electrical Uranus on Feb. 14. This combustion engine is softened by a hopeful trine from emotional Venus to transformative Uranus over the weekend.

The coming Mars conjunction can help us remember the fresh changes that have been instigated since Uranus entered Aries in 2011. We associate Uranus with shifting gears and electrifying change, but in March, Uranus heads into Taurus for eight years. So, let’s remember the positive change of the last eight years, both in our lives and in our world, and use those memories to focus this astrological fuel toward a better world.

Friday, Feb. 1: It’s crunch time as Mars squares Pluto under an industrious Capricorn moon. Set clear boundaries and put this willful torque to work. Check in to make sure actions match the vision in midmorning; use long-range goals to bypass interpersonal friction. Express tempers thoughtfully. If tonight brings deep tiredness, rest and don’t read too much into it.

Saturday, Feb. 2: Activate practical camaraderie and a more loving and creative industry; take yesterday’s motivations and use them creatively as Venus trines Uranus. Be wary of the desire to stray from familiar relationships. If yesterday’s grumpiness tested relationships, nurture them today and help them heal.

Sunday, Feb. 3: Competition makes the Super Bowl interesting. The communal Aquarius moon encourages group activity. Find an excuse to drop differences and share experiences. Practical optimism weaves through the afternoon as Mercury sextiles Jupiter. Venus enters Capricorn tonight and helps us turn ideas into fruition in the weeks ahead.

Monday, Feb. 4: The mood is friendly if a bit disconnected, idealistic, and a tad impersonal. A new moon marks this as an important day to inventory our allies, get the band back together, and make overtures to the community. Listen carefully to declarations of political intentions.

Tuesday, Feb. 5: Follow up on contacts and get the word out. We can see further on down the road but may be a bit oblivious to those close at hand. Don’t take it personally. As the momentum slows down, we become more aware of those nearby. We’re also touchier, as the moon enters sensitive Pisces tonight.

Wednesday, Feb. 6: Catch up with one another and with work. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, break the pile down and deal with one thing at a time. Meander into the creative process, but resist initiating new practical projects. Feelings may be close to the surface but not always easy to read.

Thursday, Feb. 7: Sweetness increases this morning. We need a moment of consideration and reassurance as our inner critics mumble. Optimism and egos rebound as the sun sextiles Jupiter this afternoon. Line up work for a burst of activity tomorrow. ◀

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