Ready for change? The stars create a high point of tension, which can precipitate a new set of circumstances. Then the mood shifts gears, takes the heat off, and supports our endurance to shepherd those changes forward. It helps if we know what we’d like to do differently.

On Tuesday, notice a strong torque as motivating Mars approaches a conjunction with electrical Uranus in the feisty sign of Aries. This stimulates a straightforward, almost bulldozing willfulness. This motivation can run like a strong underground stream; to use it well, we have to be honest about what we want.

Our first step can be to identify what we’re vehemently against. If we feel exhausted or disinterested in our lives, we’re probably trying to do something, or tend some responsibility, that is very different from what our inner nature clamors to do. Let’s stop and listen to those underground currents and ask what it is that we really want.

If it looks like a particular confrontation, goal, wall, thing, or person will solve all our problems, there’s a good chance that a simplistic approach will only start a string of other conundrums. We need to listen to the longing to address a certain situation, but it probably calls for more nuanced, complex tactics.

Over the weekend, our inner fires are fed by a positive Aries moon. A mind-opening, ingenious sextile between mental Mercury and change-inducing Uranus can allow us to really get somewhere if we’re willing to explore possibilities rather than just exert our wills. Our efforts can stabilize as the moon is in earthy Taurus and Mercury enters intuitive Pisces on Sunday. We have access to a new calm, sensuality, and endurance, just in time for Valentine’s Day, when Mars enters earthy Taurus.

Friday, Feb. 8: The mood is sparky as the moon enters impatient Aries. We may want to collaborate but will tend to act independently. Agree on a goal, then let everybody find their own way there. Be tactful around dinnertime.

Saturday, Feb. 9: We’ll be ready for something new, and may be unusually brave if we see the purpose. Minds are open, though tempers are stubborn. Routine can be painful today, so break it. Gently surprise one another.

Sunday, Feb. 10: Feel emotional crosscurrents today as the Aries moon conjuncts Mars and Uranus and makes us antsy. Sparks fly quickly in mid-afternoon. But our minds begin to crave safety, imagination, and coziness as Mercury enters dreamy Pisces under an earthy Taurus moon.

Monday, Feb. 11: The earthy, delicious, stubborn, and steady Taurus moon trines Saturn today and helps us get in the groove. We can find a practical outcome for that restless Aries momentum but could feel the tension between responsibility and desire. Energy builds toward an event.

Tuesday, Feb. 12: Get it started as Mars conjuncts Uranus. Back initiatives with steady effort. Let’s ask clearly and directly for what we want, but remember we’re responsible for making it happen. Some event may come to a head. Listen for important decisions or declarations. Be careful around flammable people and substances.

Wednesday, Feb. 13: Engage the conversation; people need to feel heard as the moon enters communicative Gemini. If we’ve been neglecting less urgent things, they now need attention: multitask.

Thursday, Feb. 14: The most loving thing we can do is to really hear one another. And to feed the senses, as Mars has just entered sensual, earthy Taurus. Taste and touch; make it a tactful and tactile Valentine’s Day.

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