The stars ask us to acknowledge our deepest feelings as Venus conjuncts Pluto. Venus symbolizes our hearts and Pluto speaks of depth, loss, power, and rebirth. This conjunction, which turns up the volume on all our feelings, usually occurs once a year and can help us catch up on a backlog of emotions.

We may feel a spike of existential grief over the world’s conditions. Our hearts are heavy because we’ve observed an abuse of power or a more personal event. Some will feel a wealth of love or hope. We don’t get to choose when these emotions arise, but we can choose how we respond. Some will respond by feeling everything. Some might feel nothing because they just don’t want to go there. Whatever it triggers in us, we can let it open our hearts.

Mercury turns retrograde next week and we are feeling its effects. It can be easy to find our minds drifting; we might forget what we are just about to do or just space out. It’s important to follow through on what we really need to get done and watch where our minds wander.

Over the weekend, the moon in Scorpio continues to take our thoughts and feelings even deeper. It will feel good to research or investigate in order to get to the bottom of something. Monday begins in a heavy and thoughtful mode, but the week really starts as the moon enters outgoing Sagittarius. We may become busy, but our hearts can stay open. Clear the decks as much as possible before Mercury retrogrades in early March. Pay the bills and submit proposals. The week finishes on a competent note; we just need to pace ourselves and track our work carefully.

Friday, Feb. 22: Prioritize human connections on this warmhearted but heartachy day. The Libra moon softens us while Venus conjuncts Pluto, making us painfully aware of the weight of the world. A friendly word is worth gold. 

Saturday, Feb. 23: People will argue if they are either prodded or loaded with expectations. We need to ramble around our interior worlds and putter at our own rate as the moon enters focused Scorpio. Honor an urge to obsess, investigate, or research this afternoon, then talk about it tonight.

Sunday, Feb. 24: Make today a personal day. Listen to the inner voice and work on projects close to the heart. Purge things that are no longer needed, including opinions.

Monday, Feb. 25: The morning is low-key if a tad surly, resounding with the weekend’s issues. Just let everybody get oriented and tie up loose ends. The mood opens in mid-afternoon as the moon enters Sagittarius; the pace picks up and new conversations begin.

Tuesday, Feb. 26: Our efforts are easily interrupted and the vibe is disjointed. But an irreverence helps with minor snafus. It’s better to attempt many small errands than one big task, but if we get stretched too thin while multitasking, none of it works.

Wednesday, Feb. 27: Engage good luck this morning as the moon conjuncts generous Jupiter. A fleeting optimism can open up possibilities, but watch for a tendency to spend too much. Wanderlust can help us prepare for future trips, but there’s no need to run away and join the circus.

Thursday, Feb. 28: Deadlines can help us focus. Get serious and be efficient, but don’t get grim as the Capricorn moon trines Mars this morning. Our senses of humor stay threadbare unless work is done first. Engage in a conversation about responsibility and support one another rather than increase the pressure. ◀

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