Star Codes: Oct. 2 to 8

January was an astrological rehash of the last two years, but now we can get real and get started on this year’s plans. Last week both Mercury and Venus turned direct after many weeks retrograde, so February gives us a chance to clean up, make amends, reorganize, and scout out the new territory. In March the stars launch us into future realms, though we need to pace ourselves and build up speed rather than rush into things.

We could feel old or slow as the sun conjuncts serious Saturn over the weekend. Mercury still appears slow and conjuncts Pluto throughout next week, asking us to look deep inside and to look for the real difficulties. We are not through looking at the seamy underside of our government’s issues or dealing with the dregs of our midwinter funk, but we can now make progress.

As the sun conjuncts Saturn, it asks us to take responsibility. Those who are willing to be responsible for their own happiness and the outcomes of their actions will find the empowering tools needed to heal and grow. Those who are not willing to take responsibility will look to blame others for their experience and get truly ticked off.

With Mercury, Venus, Mars, and Pluto all now in goal-oriented, efficient Capricorn, watch a tendency to push and pull beloveds. Let’s be efficient through our own actions and not try to get people to do the work for us.

Over the weekend plans begin to manifest under a willful Aries moon, but we need to apply steady pressure rather than hurry. This practical, forward motion continues early next week under a steady Taurus moon. Clear up any lingering misunderstandings and talk about deep things on Wednesday and Thursday under a verbal Gemini moon.

FRIDAY, FEB. 4: Notice both the heaviness of the winter and impatience for spring’s next chapter, instigated by a restless Aries moon. Keep competition friendly and work safely towards a personal best rather than to best another. Some serious, strategic, or organizational issue now needs to be addressed.

SATURDAY, FEB. 5: Conflicting needs can irritate, as if several people are trying to get out a door at the same time; have patience, empathy, and take turns. All can be done if we syncopate as the Aries moon squares Venus and Mars in Capricorn.

SUNDAY, FEB. 6: Morning is opinionated; we’ll resist pressure but can collaborate when no one tries to push. An inner engine drives us, but everyone needs to respond to their own call. The mood slows down and gets cuddlier as the moon enters Taurus midafternoon.

MONDAY, FEB. 7: We may consider unexpected changes as the Taurus moon conjuncts Uranus and trines Mars. We won’t want to talk about our issues but do want to see some action. Lift someone’s burden; do chores as an act of love.

TUESDAY, FEB. 8: A new momentum arises; let’s use it wisely as Mars trines Uranus and make sure we’re headed in the right direction. Build up steam but let the soul’s wisdom drive the boat.

WEDNESDAY, FEB. 9: Talk, clear up lingering misunderstandings, further connections, and return phone calls as the moon enters Gemini. Listen to the buzz but confirm all facts; our imagination is also working overtime.

THURSDAY, FEB. 10: Moody and stubborn, old ghosts can haunt us, and we can make mistakes based on projecting the past upon the present. Uncover the real motivation instead of making assumptions. Excavate and investigate, and let life be a mystery. ◀

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