Star Codes: Oct. 2 to 8

This could be a pivotal strategic week as Mars, Venus, and Pluto all conjunct in Capricorn under a dreamy Pisces sun. The astrological mood is sensitive but determined, and important strategic realities could pivot or clarify by the end of the week. Let’s consider what we want to do with this fresh determination.

Capricorn likes a goal, whether small, medium, or large. When in doubt, organize. Organize the junk drawer or working system, organize the laundry or a neighborhood. Just don’t organize beloveds. Venus and Mars run conjunct in structural Capricorn through the month of February and encourage us to make order out of chaos.

Organization and control are Capricorn superpowers that need to be used judiciously. Remember that the only thing we can really control is ourselves. Keep that in mind toward the end of the week as that Venus/Mars/Pluto conjunction peaks. This aspect can take us to a place of sweet emotional intensity and encourage us to love in the face of life, death, and tough questions or to work on a long-held desire. Some respond to these Plutonian aspects by tightening down control because they’re afraid to lose a country, an object, or person. Others just get mopey.

A Capricorn moon focuses our organizational attitude over the weekend. A new moon in sensitive Pisces on March 2 brings us to our hearts, and the week finishes with that intense conjunction which asks us to be both compassionate and true to our priorities.

FRIDAY, FEB. 25: Goals beckon us to push past procrastination under the Capricorn moon. We’ll feel so much better if we can just see some progress. Tonight, whether we’re debriefing, arguing, partying, or planning, we’ll do so with determination.

SATURDAY, FEB. 26: Let form follow function; beautify, simplify, create, and build as the moon approaches Venus. Question any need to control the situation. Stand out of the way of busy people or help with their project. This evening intensifies; if an argument begins, step back, but if it’s something more beautiful, proceed.

SUNDAY, FEB. 27: Share dreams and check the headlines this morning to see what hatched overnight as the Capricorn moon conjuncts Venus, Mars, and Pluto. Check for anything that needs to be done urgently, then investigate what’s going on in the family, community, and around the globe as the moon enters Aquarius.

MONDAY, FEB. 28: Get organized this morning, then meet and engage conversations this afternoon as the farsighted Aquarius moon conjuncts Mercury and Saturn. Take the collective pulse, listen to opinions, but make up one’s own mind. Come to an understanding even though details may be elusive.

TUESDAY, MARCH 1: Catch up with feelings as the moon enters sensitive Pisces. Once the feelings flow through we can move quickly from experience to solution. It may be hard to focus on the people nearby because the big picture calls our attention, but we need to honor relationships closer to home.

WEDNESDAY, MARCH 2: Tender feelings and tough decisions abound. The new moon in Pisces encourages a fresh relational cycle but can swamp us with mixed emotions. Our minds can track, and our thoughts perseverate as Mercury conjuncts Saturn in Aquarius and encourages mature, reasonable decisions but also obsession. Persist with consciousness and care.

THURSDAY, MARCH 3: Vulnerability and action, mortality and intensity speak to us as Mars, Venus, and Pluto conjunct. Endings can create new beginnings — or we can just get swamped by feelings. The moon enters Aries late afternoon and nudges us to take those feelings into action. ◀

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