Star Codes: Oct. 2 to 8

The sun now enters Pisces for this last month of winter. The weather becomes changeable, mutable, like Pisces — one minute it’s spring, the next minute wintry cold. People’s moods can shift like that weather and become mobile, sensitive, and reactive. Pisces calls for us to stay warm and dream of better weather and future possibilities, read seed catalogs, and plan for an active spring ahead.

Even though it’s the dreamy season of Pisces, we may be chafing at the bit and ready to push forward. Venus and Mars form a motivating engine as they run conjunct in Capricorn. Mars encourages us to act on anything Venus cares about, which is wonderful when we want to paint or love but can be surprisingly tricky if we’d want to invade another country.

With Venus and Mars in Capricorn, we may feel loved if our work or efforts in the world feel supported. We just have to watch that Capricorn willfulness or we can start manipulating or organizing our beloveds, and that breeds trouble. Let’s use this Pisces energy to be sensitive in our relationships and to dream up new creations and explore possibilities and consequences before we roll into action.

On Friday, a busy Virgo moon helps us tie up the week’s loose ends. A Libra moon over the weekend encourages a soft-spoken creative dreaminess. Midweek brings the first hint of spring fever, a desire to travel and break our routine or change directions under a peripatetic Sagittarius moon and as Mercury squares Uranus.

FRIDAY, FEB. 18: Momentum pauses as the sun enters Pisces and the Virgo moon opposes Neptune, but we still can complete projects. Nervous systems hum, so let’s not take any generalized anxiety out on each other. Deal with details and acknowledge feelings. Evening warms up as the moon enters friendly Libra.

SATURDAY, FEB. 19: Wander and contemplate relationships as the Libra moon opposes Chiron. Don’t feel guilty for not getting busy; Venus and Mars in Capricorn may push us to do things, but we need to aim that engine with subtlety. Focus on a life in balance.

SUNDAY, FEB. 20: Our needs and feelings can be at odds as the peaceful relationship-oriented moon in Libra squares Venus, Mars, and Pluto. Take it easy and be honest about personal discontent rather than taking it out on one another; avoid passive aggression and take responsibility for personal needs.

MONDAY, FEB. 21: Get organized and form specific goals which can be achieved independently; accomplish those while the coffee kicks in and cheers up cranky people under a focused Scorpio moon. By midday we can see the bigger picture, but the real problems may be closer to home; let’s watch where we’re going.

TUESDAY, FEB. 22: After a cranky but pragmatic morning, we can get in our groove as the moon forms lovely sextiles to Venus and Mars. People may not be too chatty but may feel more open and likely to offer support.

WEDNESDAY, FEB. 23: Move the body, travel, drive a car, or dance in the streets under a mobile Sagittarius moon as a Mars sextiles Neptune. We want to feel less trapped, secure, but ready to roll physically, emotionally, or financially. Contemplate the complex nature of true freedom but check your audience before you take their time.

THURSDAY, FEB. 24: People change their minds, possibly in the middle of the intersection, so watch traffic as Mercury squares Uranus. This isn’t a time to decide; instead, it’s time to experiment and consider all possibilities and perspectives. Be willing to open the mind and walk in another’s shoe. ◀

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