The sensitive Pisces moon conjuncts Neptune and Mars this weekend. We may feel washed away on the tide of holiday lights at one moment and overwhelmed by rising seas and complicated humanitarian crises in another — and both realities are true.

Saturday afternoon brings fresh momentum as the moon enters brash Aries. Some experience or aroma may trigger memories around Sunday’s Venus-Saturn sextile. Holiday traditions can soothe us, but this aspect can also trigger a desire for our beloveds to be just as they always were, and not as they are now. People are in deep metamorphosis these days, so let’s suspend assumptions about our beloveds for the time being. 

Midweek, feel the urge to get materially comfortable. We may want to buy presents or eat cookies as the Taurus moon opposes Venus. If we have difficult anniversaries around the holidays, the memories may be triggered on Wednesday. However, fresh excitement hits on Thursday as the sun trines Uranus.

In general, this December may find us to be less extroverted than usual as the two emotional arbiters, Venus and Mars, remain in the introspective and sensitive water signs of Scorpio and Pisces all month. Many of us will be drawn to a less busy holiday and may have to process resentment or regret. We can make these holidays more pleasant if we scale these feelings to fit our authentic emotions.

Friday, Dec. 14: Experience a lull in energy. We might wish things could be different as an impractical morning brings whiffs of denial and drifting spirits. If we’re feeling permeable, let’s support the immune system and rest up. The mood grows livelier as the moon conjuncts Mars this evening. Bring conversations close to the heart late tonight.

Saturday, Dec. 15: It’s a good morning for a long talk. Our timing can be off-kilter, but our inner world and intuitive connections run strong. Look for an opportunity to share in mid-afternoon. The mood heads into Aries around dinnertime, which can renew our will for a potentially wild night ahead.

Sunday, Dec. 16: Two supportive aspects give the day panache and luck: Challenges arise, but so do angels. Adventures arise as Venus sextiles Saturn and Mars sextiles Pluto. Take a fresh look at old things: antiques, history, or one’s personal past. Healthy boundaries can be clearly stated.

Monday, Dec. 17: A Pluto-moon square asks us to deal with disappointments this morning and then dive into an active, innovative day. Lazy moments hover between bursts of energy. If tough news troubles us or temporary transportation oddities slow us down as Mercury semi-squares Pluto tonight, ask what needs to be reconsidered or deepened.

Tuesday, Dec. 18: Check what’s shifted or changed overnight. An earthy steadiness helps us make good purchases or holiday cookies, or feeds the senses in some delicious, life-affirming way as the moon enters earthy Taurus. We may feel tired and serious around dinnertime, but the evening mellows warmheartedly as the moon conjuncts Venus.

Wednesday, Dec. 19: The mood is outspoken but contains a poignant emotional undertow. Talk about ideas but sense feelings; our minds and hearts run on different planes. Some familiar problem returns this afternoon as the sun squares Chiron; if we remember our previous lessons, it’s merely a review.

Thursday, Dec. 20: Multitask away. Juggle a dozen efforts, just don’t drop the ball as the moon waxes into versatile Gemini. Enjoy wide-ranging conversation, but take a few moments alone when necessary to avoid the feeling of being stretched too thin. ◀

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