The stars are sending us mixed signals this week. A new moon in restless Sagittarius wants us to speak our minds and hurry up as the weekend begins, but we still need patience. Mercury has just turned direct after three weeks in retrograde, so for the next few days we may need to straighten out misunderstandings and correct misplaced orders. Let’s maintain situational awareness so we don’t speed up and drive straight into a wall.

Underneath that cheerful, open Sagittarius vibe, Mercury and Venus, both now in brooding and private Scorpio, can sharpen our thinking and make us more suspicious and opinionated. Over the weekend, a competent Capricorn moon helps us get the work done, but we can try to control others if we’re feeling anxious. Let’s see if we can turn this focus toward problem-solving rather than just strong opinions.

Even though we may feel pressured to get things done quickly, there could be uncertainty about what to do next. Our goals may get a bit hazy as Mars conjuncts perceptive but confusing Neptune in sensitive Pisces. Together they help us let go of out-of-date goals and old angers, but also bring up questions around the nature of martyrdom, vulnerability, and responsibility, which we’ll see play out in the headlines.

Midweek, our personal relationships may end up on the back burner. We need to check in with one another even when busy. As Mercury enters restless Sagittarius, an outspoken and humorous but impatient mood kicks in on Wednesday night while holiday and travel plans start to bubble.

Friday, Dec. 7: A new chapter begins this morning, as Mercury turns direct and the moon is new in Sagittarius. World events may ask us to look at responsibility, persecution, and victimization. Although we’re more willing to share, we don’t have room for small talk — let people open up on their own time. 

Saturday, Dec. 8: The mood can be serious but productive as the moon enters Capricorn. Watch a tendency to control others. Let people vent about their work even though it’s a weekend.

Sunday, Dec. 9: Intensive work is good therapy. Purpose, however small or large, is helpful. If we don’t have purpose, we can get depressed or manipulative, so let’s find a positive project and feel the satisfaction of a job well done.

Monday, Dec. 10: Straighten out misunderstandings this problematic morning. Let people get on with their work. Be ready to adapt to a change in plans in midafternoon. Evening brings more camaraderie and an eccentric perspective as the moon enters Aquarius.

Tuesday, Dec. 11: The mood is cheerful if awkward this morning. Use a bit of fallow time to reconnect, get the team back on track, and assess the next steps. All projects need careful shepherding.

Wednesday, Dec. 12: Concentrate this morning, as our perspective broadens and focus dissipates when Mercury enters Sagittarius this afternoon. Nervous energy could wind us up, but it it’s easier now to see the positive side. If people have been brooding, they may need to express their feelings. Give them room to do so.

Thursday, Dec. 13: Our moods may be full of contradictions as the sensitive Pisces moon squares curious Mercury. Look for important conversations about world problems and things that pluck at the heartstrings, but leaven the dialogue with tenderness and tinsel. Relationships need extra attention; continue to hold hands with beloveds as attention is pulled outward. Speak frankly with one another while remaining respectful of feelings. ◀

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