Enjoy a quiet few days before New Year’s, after which the energy shifts with a vengeance. We need to be on fire this year, but the type of fire — the hearth of the gathering collective, a combustion engine building speed, or a burning house — will be up to us.

Let’s start the year by bringing that solar spark into our hearts. We’ll need to build momentum over the next few years as Jupiter, Saturn, Pluto, and Uranus work through grounded, concrete, and territorial earth signs. Everyone feels called to make tangible changes but we disagree widely on what that involves. Do we build the wall or save the Earth? Like a mountain, earth signs bring energy that is hard to get moving, but once an earthquake begins, the momentum can be unstoppable. Saturn and Pluto are both in determined, earthy Capricorn as 2019 begins.

Neptune will be in Pisces, an intuitive if confusing water sign. While this encourages our spiritual lives to flow, it may also keep confusion and illusion as major influences in world politics.

The weekend begins under a friendly Libra moon: questions of peacefulness versus progress and care versus control may erupt. The moon enters contemplative Scorpio on Monday. We can meditate on the year behind us and on what we choose to invoke in the year ahead, but it might be good to avoid contentious people and difficult terrain on New Year’s Eve.

Passions run high as 2019 begins. Mars inhabits its own sign of Aries, and we’ll feel the need to fight the good fight. Venus begins the year in Mars-ruled Scorpio, bright in the morning sky and strong in our hearts. Solitude is lovely, but isolation is not, so reach out. A new chapter begins on Wednesday, Jan. 2, as a moon-Jupiter conjunction stirs new directions, confrontations, and a fresh sense of possibility.

Friday, Dec. 28: As the moon opposes Mars, open the heart to an existential ache and a range of deep feelings. Find moments for art that touches the heart as Venus sextiles Pluto under a peace-loving Libra moon. We need to feel emotional honesty.

Saturday, Dec. 29: We can feel a push and pull; opinions differ, people’s needs may be out of sync, and seriousness competes with the extended holiday as the moon squares the sun and Saturn. If a desire to accomplish goals competes with a need for rest and peace, feed the peace.

Sunday, Dec. 30: Get the socializing in early. Make adjustments this afternoon as the moon opposes Uranus. Consider stepping back for personal inventory tonight as the moon enters Scorpio.

Monday, Dec. 31: Last-minute adjustments are good this morning as the Scorpio moon keeps our focus. Energy and tempers increase tonight as Mars enters Aries for a festive if potentially contentious evening.

Tuesday, Jan. 1: Let people have their time alone for hangovers or personal repairs this morning as the Scorpio moon conjuncts Venus. Be with one another in an accepting way. This afternoon, run with projects or spontaneous events. Avoid arguments over authority and control, but engage in conversation about future responsibilities as the sun conjuncts Saturn. We can shift depression into fresh determination with a clear challenge.

Wednesday, Jan. 2: We assert playfulness as the moon enter Sagittarius. Feel enthusiasm for the absolute rebellion against what is no longer working.

Thursday, Jan. 3: Optimism infuses the morning as the moon conjuncts uplifting Jupiter in Sagittarius. The need to follow a spontaneous whim hits midday. Create plans for changes to come tonight as mental Mercury trines restless Uranus. Feed possibility. ◀

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