The astrological season is almost ready to shift. While this weekend promises some sweet summer stories, next week brings the first hints of the industrious fall ahead.

On Friday, Mercury, the sun, Venus, and Mars are all lined up in expressive Leo. The news headlines may continue to feel overblown, mythic, and at times unbelievable. Relationships can uplift us but require lots of emotional energy. We crank up the volume on our emotions. On Friday and Saturday, a sensitive Pisces moon adds an empathic (and almost maudlin) streak.

By Sunday morning, we may see a first leaf turn as activating Mars enters industrious Virgo. Creative Venus enters Virgo next Wednesday, and the energizing sun follows on Friday. We can be less bamboozled by a story and need more facts, or we may feel less sociable and more attentive to work. Watch a new tendency to be self-critical and stay solution-focused.

Early next week the political conversation can feel even more disjointed than usual as Saturn and Jupiter, the two planets we associate with politics and our social contracts, form an uncomfortable quincunx. Although political analyses sharpen midweek, it will still be hard to get opposing parties to work on anything resembling the same solution.

Friday, Aug. 16: The energy can be sweet: Emotions are strong and tears come close to the surface, but some real and valuable information also leaks in. An experience can help change our minds as mental Mercury squares electrical Uranus. Events may not flow as intended — they could be even better — so just watch out for emotional voltage underneath.

Saturday, Aug. 17: Savor this potentially wonderful summer day; as the moon conjuncts Neptune in Pisces, we want to drift in a creative dream and listen to the water in the stream, guilt-tripping anybody who gets in the way. A cranky edge hits toward midnight as Mars enters Virgo.

Sunday, Aug. 18: The energy is active, even volatile, so make sure it explodes in a positive direction under a sparky Aries moon. Work that’s been deferred for a while now becomes urgent. Our priorities are shifting. Don’t waste energy. Just reorganize and set sail toward new goals.

Monday, Aug. 19: It’s hard to imagine how we can meet disparate needs at the same time, but once we can get all the horses heading in the same direction, we can build momentum as the moon forms a grand trine with Mercury and Jupiter. Don’t look for fault — look for what will help the most.

Tuesday, Aug. 20: What’s in motion will tend to stay in motion as the Aries moon trines the sun and Venus; what’s at rest (or stuck) will also tend to stay that way. Choose fights carefully, find common ground, and make progress where there’s the least resistance. Our beloveds will love to be consulted but not ordered about.

Wednesday, Aug. 21: Wrestle with recalcitrant nuts and bolts, and decide on pragmatic next steps as Mercury challenges Saturn and Venus enters Virgo. If we disagree with the system or authorities in place, let’s speak up and look for productive alternatives. We’ll feel so much better once we see some progress.

Thursday, Aug. 22: Savor the last day under the Leo sun even as a fresh industriousness stirs future possibilities. Let the imagination roam, but wait until tomorrow to send out those new proposals, as communication can be challenging. People may offer too many unrequested good suggestions as a side product of anxiety. Let’s focus on our own path, and offer help when asked.

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