This astrological week starts with some tough questions but rolls into a potentially beautiful weekend to get out of hibernation. Our consciousness then returns to work in time for last-minute taxes and a cranky but efficient spurt early next week. Then toward the end of the week, Mercury enters feisty Aries; our thinking clears and we tell it like it is — at least at the moment.

As the weekend begins, we may deal with some challenges around power and structure. We can square off as the sun — and the moon in self-protective Cancer, serious Saturn, and intense Pluto — form a challenging T-square. We may want to reorganize or take a long tough look at how power is used in our surroundings. Saturn and Pluto conjunct in controlling Capricorn over the next few years. The sun, moon, or faster-moving planets stimulate this conjunction.

The weekend brightens under an enthusiastic and sociable Leo moon. While it may bring out the grandstanding energy in some, most of us will just feel called out of our winter shells to connect.

The moon enters critical-thinking Virgo on Tuesday. Relationships get thrown on the back burner for a few days as work takes precedence. That’s great for work, but let’s consciously practice kindness.

Mercury enters Aries on Wednesday and wakes up our minds. We may become more willful or develop a puppy-like attention span, but can wake up out of any hazy trance we’ve been in since Feb. 10, when Mercury entered Pisces. For the next few weeks, Mercury encourages us to speak first and consider later, so we’ll need to add patience. The trick will be to simplify our situations without missing complex truths.

Friday, April 12:  After some sweet moments early on, conflicting feelings can make us crabby as the protective Cancer moon opposes Saturn and Pluto. We may have to speak an unpleasant truth, but good habits and old friends help. Gratitude encourages growth.

Saturday, April 13: Worries arise as the sun squares serious Pluto early on. But the day brings more luck and enthusiasm as an outgoing Leo moon squares Uranus. Last-minute changes can help us engage interesting new energies.

Sunday, April 14: There’s potential for camaraderie and good connections that help us feel hopeful about the future. Extend a hand as the sun trines Jupiter. Extra emotions are close to the surface.

Monday, April 15:  Details, number-crunching, and responsible critiques can get the work done but impinge on our social lives. Let’s go gently with criticism both to ourselves and others under an edgy Virgo moon; anxiety is not efficiency. Compassion and connection actually help us accomplish things.

Tuesday, April 16: This nervy day encourages us to think fast but may bring more anxiety than clarity. Let’s give our busy mental hamsters real work to do. Social edginess can make it easy to put a foot wrong tonight. Be patient with one another.

Wednesday, April 17: A haunting mystery may now become clear, but let’s remember any recently appreciated subtle perceptions as Mercury enters direct Aries. Let the friendly Libra moon loan us diplomacy in the process. Tension may arise between our relationships and a need to express ourselves.

Thursday, April 18: Balance tact and initiative. Think before speaking. Watch for clashes in both opinions and needs as the egalitarian Libra moon squares Saturn and Pluto. Some imbalance or confrontation may simmer to a boil tomorrow, so nurture moments of joy. ◀