The weekend begins with a feisty new moon in vibrant Aries. A new chapter opens. Launch. Aries brings the rebellious spirit of the daffodil and apricot blossom surging back to life after a long winter, starting life over again with deep old roots and fresh growth.

This new moon could spark a flash of temper or instigate rebellion. It encourages us to rebel against the limitations of our lives and the dysfunction of our world, and boldly go where we’ve never gone before. This revolutionary new moon forms a challenging square to Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn, whose conjunction over the next two years defines our time. It calls us to really examine how power is used in its many forms. We may see sparks fly and get hints about the work ahead.

But for this week, Mercury, who symbolizes how we think and communicate, is still in sensitive Pisces. We’re slowly emerging from the foggy, soggy astrological mood of the last month, clearing up clouds of misinformation and finding firm ground. A rather lovely glamour can shimmer over our feelings as Venus conjuncts Neptune later in the week. This help us start art projects or write the novel of our dreams. We may be unusually intuitive, but can easily project our fantasies upon one another.

Over the weekend, the Taurus moon encourages us to get outside and can help us plant and cultivate both the garden and new relationships. On Sunday, listen for positive announcements or feel a decision click into place as Mercury sextiles Saturn.

At midweek, a creative ferment bubbles as Venus conjuncts Neptune under a talkative Gemini moon. We have some serious work to do for the long haul as the sun squares taciturn Saturn. Balance a desire to feel safe with a need to take sensible risks toward the end of the week as the moon enters security-seeking Cancer.

Spring is sprung, the world is bursting into life, and we need to cultivate fresh sprouts. Dark clouds may hover on the horizon over the next two years, so it is more important than ever to nurture those worthy tender shoots.

Friday, April 5: We regenerate by engaging spontaneously, listening to what we need and what is needed around us. We can heroically rise to the occasion, but let’s look for real problems that need tackling. Set an example rather than telling people what to do. Tonight, bring a sense of freedom to any engagements.

Saturday, April 6: Existential discontent nudges us to renew our surroundings as the moon in Taurus conjuncts restless Uranus this morning. Start moving furniture, rocks, or people.

Sunday, April 7: A flash of sanity can help us make a plan. Pieces begin to fall into place. Feed the sprouts of optimism and see what they grow.

Monday, April 8: Follow through on serious practical issues this morning as the Taurus moon trines Pluto. Moods may start out heavy but lighten as new information arises.

Tuesday, April 9: Avoid irritated people and clarify mixed signals. Emotional spikes can skew our thinking. Keep it simple; our deeper selves are processing and they are not ready to share.

Wednesday, April 10: Find an optimistic focus on this nuanced day; we want to see the beauty in the world and the best in our beloveds even as we deal with some harsh realities. Some clue or answer arrives later as Mercury sextiles Pluto. Lost items surface.

Thursday, April 11: It’s tempting to react defensively. We can spin into worry or temper unless we herd overactive minds toward solutions. Actively listen. ◀

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