Star Codes: Oct. 2 to 8

The stars encourage us to ask tough questions and make clear decisions this weekend then follow through next week. Mercury, the planet that symbolizes how we communicate, move, and decide, spends a last weekend in impulsive, Aries then enters enduring Taurus late Sunday night to calm down some of that feisty energy and loan us persistence.

The weekend begins under a sensitive and thoughtful Cancer moon, encouraging us to make clear family plans; just make sure any sudden decisions are good for all and not just self-protective reactions.

Over the weekend Mercury squares deep Pluto and encourages us to feed our curiosity and get to the bottom of a problem or use this curiosity to look deeper within our soul. This square can help us find the missing pieces, which is useful for last-minute tax preparations or writing term papers without too much fuss or fanfare, as long as we look for objective facts rather than what we want to see.

That search for facts is important because our intuition, imagination, and illusion work overtime throughout 2022, particularly this week as Jupiter conjuncts Neptune exactly. Jupiter magnifies whatever it contacts, and here it magnifies Neptune’s permeability, magic, imagination, and addictive patterns. It’s essential that we ask those burning questions about the nature of political, personal, and spiritual truth. We may see new evidence that international borders are an illusion permeable by people, tanks, germs. and weather systems. We are one earth.

FRIDAY, APRIL 8: The mood is brave but with the need for reassurance under a self-protective Cancer moon. Be ready to make decisions and step forward. Just make sure that the decisions being made are based in reality and not on reaction or wishful thinking as Mercury sextiles Mars and urges us to act on our thoughts.

SATURDAY, APRIL 9: After a dreamy morning, work on or study something close to the heart. If beloveds need attention, timeshare between interpersonal demands and other urgent matters as both are important. Tonight, as the moon enters Leo, we can either have a party or melodrama.

SUNDAY, APRIL 10: We need to contemplate a mystery, solve a problem, or accept a tough reality. Don’t follow depression down the rabbit hole; instead stay present, work together to solve problems, and make no assumptions about the future as Mercury squares Pluto.

MONDAY, APRIL 11: Settle in, settle down, and find a groove. Mercury in Taurus calls for follow-through with steady presence. Around dinnertime tiredness can bring extra stubbornness as the moon opposes Saturn; rest rather than argue. Bond over something that brings comfort and ease.

TUESDAY, APRIL 12: We have work to do but can be hard on ourselves as the moon enters Virgo this morning. If some old twinge resurfaces about how to express temper or ambition as Mars semi-squares Chiron, choose how to respond carefully. Take some time to connect with spirit, with the muse.

WEDNESDAY, APRIL 13: On this somewhat socially uncomfortable day, people can get grumpy or undiplomatic when they’re uncomfortable within. If rhythm and timing feel off, take a deep breath and know everybody’s feeling a little edgy and self-conscious right now. Laugh at foibles and let awkward moments become healing opportunities tonight.

THURSDAY, APRIL 14: Don’t push today; tend to details, tender hearts, and personal health while the bigger picture reorganizes. After a somewhat persnickety morning, the moon enters more sociable Libra and encourages us to relax and seek beauty. Mars enters Pisces tonight, softens resistance, and shifts our motivation. ◀

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