Star Codes: Oct. 2 to 8

WE MAY WANT TO EXPAND our influence and seek freedom as we define it while the energizing sun approaches a conjunction with expansive Jupiter in feisty Aries — but general contrariness keeps stirring the pot. We can be open-minded when we’re calm but grow stubborn under pressure with Mercury and Venus now in relatively peaceful but determined Taurus.

This lineup adds fuel to political debate, but it’s up to us to set the direction. It’s easier to define what we’re against, but more empowering if we focus on what we want instead. If people get feisty, ask them to define their vision, not their antagonism. Slow down contention, reveal foolishness, and help clarify thoughts.

The weekend begins emotionally stormy but with an undertone of heart under a broody Scorpio moon. Our minds sharpen but could be all too willing to banter and debate as mental Mercury sextiles contentious Mars. Just don’t debate if someone shares their deepest feelings; reach for that kind Taurus curiosity instead.

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