Star Codes: Oct. 2 to 8

Even though an Aries sun now encourages our spring impulses, we might feel less determined and more easily distracted. The two planets which signal our emotions, Venus and Mars, are now both in sensitive, receptive Pisces. An ongoing Jupiter-Neptune conjunction keeps our imagination flying and our dreams and spirituality close to the heart but can also leave us floating or lost in our illusions unless we stay grounded.

It improves our efficiency to spend time with our muse and daydream, doodle, pray, meditate, write a chapter in a novel, or scan seed catalogs before we buckle down to work. With this ongoing Jupiter-Neptune conjunction, keep an eye out for wild weather . If reality begins to feel too gritty, it can help to wander and take a moment of safe temporary escape.

On Saturday a full moon between the Aries sun and Libra moon highlights both our willful need to express ourselves and our desire to invest in our relationships. We need to find a balance, a way to share our time that both honors our inner callings and supports our beloveds.

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