Star Codes: Oct. 2 to 8

Even though an Aries sun now encourages our spring impulses, we might feel less determined and more easily distracted. The two planets which signal our emotions, Venus and Mars, are now both in sensitive, receptive Pisces. An ongoing Jupiter-Neptune conjunction keeps our imagination flying and our dreams and spirituality close to the heart but can also leave us floating or lost in our illusions unless we stay grounded.

It improves our efficiency to spend time with our muse and daydream, doodle, pray, meditate, write a chapter in a novel, or scan seed catalogs before we buckle down to work. With this ongoing Jupiter-Neptune conjunction, keep an eye out for wild weather . If reality begins to feel too gritty, it can help to wander and take a moment of safe temporary escape.

On Saturday a full moon between the Aries sun and Libra moon highlights both our willful need to express ourselves and our desire to invest in our relationships. We need to find a balance, a way to share our time that both honors our inner callings and supports our beloveds.

New information might push us to change our minds Sunday or Monday as mental Mercury conjuncts transformative Uranus under a broody Scorpio moon. Let’s think through the consequences of our words and look carefully before we leap.

We can wake up in a mood as the week begins. On Monday the sun squares Pluto and reminds us what we have to let go, release, or mourn on the last day taxes are due; the mood lifts that evening as the moon enters upbeat Sagittarius. Midweek the stars encourage a fresh pragmatism under an efficient Capricorn and as the sun enters earthy Taurus.

FRIDAY, APRIL 15: The mood is generally positive, if disjointed, under a sociable Libra moon. We may feel fuzzy or react to people’s opinions and needs rather than know our own mind as Mercury challenges Neptune and Jupiter. When in doubt, breathe deep and think through consequences.

SATURDAY, APRIL 16: Balance personal desires and relationships as the 2:54 p.m. Libra full moon squares deep Pluto. Though it may take some creativity, create room for both personal longings and the needs of beloveds. Tonight, explore but don’t push as conversation deepens when the moon enters broody Scorpio.

SUNDAY, APRIL 17: Happy Easter. Bunny hop between lingering memories and melancholy and creative exploration. Keep interpersonal expectations reasonable. Mental Mercury sextiles artistic Venus midday and encourages us to speak from the heart or explore our art supplies.

MONDAY, APRIL 18: Strong emotional undercurrents run under this otherwise competent day, reminding us of losses. Twinges of age or responsibility tug at us as the sun squares Pluto. Enthusiasm and humor emerge later as the moon enters curious Sagittarius.

TUESDAY, APRIL 19: Restless bravery and mischief clash with a sensitive tenderness as the wandering Sagittarius moon challenges Venus and Mars. Notice any hidden fear holding one back and ask what would create a dynamic safety. The sun enters grounded, fertile Taurus tonight.

WEDNESDAY, APRIL 20: Take advantage of an ambient grounded flexibility and find healthy compromises and cooperation. Try on possibilities and talk about the future with less willfulness and more sensitive pragmatism.

THURSDAY, APRIL 21: Prepare the ground in the garden: build walls and rebuild flower beds as that earthy Capricorn moon trines restless Uranus. Take that metaphor into all work and relationships; it may not be time to plant new seeds but certainly is time to prepare the ground. 

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