It could be hard to stay on target this week. It will help to check our priorities, make sure our short-term goals are clear, and focus on the top of our to-do lists.

Ghosts and ghouls from the past don’t go away just because Halloween has come and gone. Thoughtful Mercury retrogrades in haunting Scorpio until Nov. 20 and stirs up memories, maudlin thoughts, and old grudges while also churning up sludge in the news. 

It’s a haunting week as we head toward Halloween, Samhain, and Day of the Dead. With the sun, mental Mercury, and heart-centered Venus now in deep Scorpio, our hearts and minds are brought to the far side of the veil. Mercury slows down to turn retrograde on Thursday, so our thoughts begin to walk with the people we’ve known, loved, and let go of.

Star Codes, Oct. 18-24

Star Codes, Oct. 18-24

Mercury turns retrograde on Halloween. It has already begun to slow down and enter its shadow, the part of the zodiac through which it will bunny hop. 

A full moon in Aries can bring a hot and cold weekend: We can light sparks with one another, fire up the revolution, or just get a little hot under the collar. 

    Accountability is the name of the game this week. Both Saturn and Pluto recently turned direct after long retrogrades, which brought new theories, plots, and machinations out into the open. The planets ask us to take stock of our responsibilities and hold people accountable for theirs.

    Relationships move toward the front burner this week. Saturday brings a new moon in Libra. The energizing sun, friendly moon, Venus, and verbal Mercury are already in Libra, and Mars joins them on Thursday.

    Autumn officially beings on Monday as the sun enters Libra. In the meantime, let’s appreciate our work (as the sun leaves Virgo), and the bounty of our relationships (as the sun enters sociable Libra).

    Emotions can flood in like a hurricane at high tide as a full moon, in sensitive Pisces, conjuncts Neptune this Friday morning. 

    Most of us will have an ordinary week, with sleepy moments and interesting opportunities to communicate our ideas. But there is also a window open for extraordinary circumstances that call people to rise to their best.

    We get a chance for a new chapter under today’s new moon in Virgo. Curiosity abounds. 

    Virgo season kicks in full-time as the sun joins Mars and Venus in Virgo on Friday morning. Virgo is the last sign of summer, and each day shimmers between seasons.

      The astrological season is almost ready to shift. While this weekend promises some sweet summer stories, next week brings the first hints of the industrious fall ahead.

      Every month when the moon and Jupiter waltz, our hearts swell and the volume of our emotions cranks up. Usually, this uplifts the heart but sometimes it just intensifies feelings.

      Whatever we do this week, let’s do it with love as the sun and Venus trine upbeat Jupiter in affectionate Leo. While there is much to unravel after the last few weeks,…

      We enter the heart of Leo season as Venus joins the sun in Leo on Saturday. It’s a perfect week to be sybaritic and have long, leisurely summer dinners on the porch. T…

      Life can be easy when we say little, do less, relax, and enjoy the summer while Mercury is retrograde, from July 7 to 31. But most of us won’t have time for that. This…

      Slow down. If life gets hectic, sit still, if just for a minute. Summer’s heat and five planets in retrograde ask us to take our time and think things through. Catch up and reconnect with the past, work on old projects, and handle life right here, right now.

      Make the most of this weekend. It begins with a sociable Leo moon that encourages us to build resilience by enjoying our lives and one another’s company.

        Summer waxes full. Time slows down as Mercury, symbolic ruler of movement, speech, and our thinking processes, prepares to turn retrograde from July 7 to 30. The stars…

        Summer begins this Friday as the sun slides into Cancer. Let that light into every corner of the soul.

        We have a planetary traffic jam this week. Free will and grace always co-create with the planetary patterns. We could easily feel overwhelmed or called to protect something important, like our relationships, country, or ecosystem.

        Enjoy new moments of beauty. As the sun in Gemini opposes Jupiter this weekend, it brings an ephemeral sense of humor with liberating moments that can ease our souls and smooth our interactions. Underneath this late spring bounty growls a more substantial conversation.

        Pollen floats in, and hummingbirds and stray thoughts buzz by, with the sun and Mercury in nervy, verbal Gemini. They loan us the ability to multitask like crazy, but we might have trouble concentrating.

        We can be efficient this Friday and again at the end of the week, but this weekend is one to take off. Relax, put the hammock up, visit an art fair, wade through the allergies, adjust, and process under a sensitive Pisces moon while mental Mercury approaches a square to dreamy, confusing Neptune.

        This week could bring solid progress on practical work as Mercury and the sun trine Saturn and Pluto in pragmatic earth signs.

        What we plant this week will grow deep roots, whether it’s seedlings, a spring fling, a grudge, or political machinations as the moon waxes under an earthy Taurus sun. 

        Prepare your gardens, whether actual or metaphorical, during the day on Saturday and then get your plants in order. 

        After an overwhelming winter, the stars help us get on a roll: we have places to go and things to do with the sun in earthy, enduring Taurus, and Mercury and Venus in feisty, instigating Aries.

        Caution: combustible material within. The weekend begins under astrological storm clouds but lightens up on Sunday.

        This astrological week starts with some tough questions but rolls into a potentially beautiful weekend to get out of hibernation. 

        We get the green light this week: Mercury is direct, the Aries sun infuses us with gumption, and the stars tell us to be off and running.

        Spring has sprung, the sun is now in Aries, and lengthening days call us to start afresh. 

        This week the stars loan us determination as Mars trines Saturn and Pluto in earth signs. We can make real progress wherever the decisions are clear and we know what we’re doing. 

        Our brains can feel as muddy as a spring landslide this month, but we can still be productive.

        The stars ask us to acknowledge our deepest feelings as Venus conjuncts Pluto. Venus symbolizes our hearts and Pluto speaks of depth, loss, power, and rebirth. This conjunction, which turns up the volume on all our feelings, usually occurs once a year and can help us catch up on a backlog of emotions.

        The astrological weather has shifted for the moment, as the planets are less irritating and more sensitizing. Late winter depression drifts in. 

        Ready for change? The stars create a high point of tension, which can precipitate a new set of circumstances. 

        Act as if a pool of high-octane astrological fuel is just sitting around in the open for the next two weeks. If we can figure out how to contain and harness it for good, we’ll have healthy fuel to drive our engines.

        Competitive muscular energy can help us achieve our personal best this week or ease us into a barroom (or internet) brawl. 

        While the mood is generally competent and effective, midwinter blues and a reflective Mercury-Pluto conjunction can leave some of us in a restless funk.

        Let’s take care of our immune systems, our relationships, and our country for the next two weeks. 

        This weekend, a new moon and a solar eclipse in determined Capricorn ask us to take a clear look at our work. 

        Enjoy a quiet few days before New Year’s, after which the energy shifts with a vengeance. 

        The stars cooperate for the start of a contemplative winter season. In the foreground, the planets offer warmth with a little hint of holiday magic.

        The sensitive Pisces moon conjuncts Neptune and Mars this weekend. We may feel washed away on the tide of holiday lights at one moment and overwhelmed by rising seas and complicated humanitarian crises in another — and both realities are true.

        The stars are sending us mixed signals this week. A new moon in restless Sagittarius wants us to speak our minds and hurry up as the weekend begins, but we still need patience. 

        The planets send us back inside for personal homework. Thoughtful Mercury is retrograde, and both Mercury and Venus enter introspective, reserved Scorpio this weekend.