The stars ask us to prioritize balance, equilibrium, and fairness this week, especially when it’s challenging to do so.

Where do we want the rainbow to end? It’s important that we develop a clear image of our goal for the next few weeks, then stay flexible about our means of accomplishi…

This week may not go quite as planned. We can feel the best and worst of moods as Mercury is both retrograde and square to difficult Pluto while trining hopeful Jupiter.

Slow down, get centered, and connect with the heart. Anything we do to clear the air, calm ourselves, and dwell in the moment furthers. It’s a wonderful week for medit…

Make hay while the sun shines in industrious Virgo. Get organized and sketch in plans for the fall, though they will continue to evolve through the season. 

POIGNANCY WITH A PUNCH: The stars loan us extra competence this week but add some broody undertones.

Labor Day is the industrious Virgo holiday where we celebrate our labors by taking a last delicious break before summer’s end. 

A few leaves tinge pink and gold, the winds shift and the planets hint at the season ahead. Sketch all plans in pencil for the next few months and make the best of any situation until we pass December’s Saturn-Uranus square.

Take every opportunity to come back into balance this week. The last few weeks have been astrologically turbulent as change-inducing Uranus retrogrades and Mercury con…

This week brings fresh awareness of just how many plans are in flux as Uranus turns retrograde. While the changes may work for us eventually, we cannot run on autopilo…

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We are at the peak of Leo season, and the sign’s energy can give us an ability to shine and be a stable center point to gather around. This weekend brings a new moon i…

We’re halfway through the summer in all its joy, glory, and danger this week. The sun and Mercury are now both in Leo and add operatic notes to a summer picnic. But ma…

The sun has just joined Mars in the fixed fire sign Leo. Every leader and teacher needs a spark of Leo to hold our attention and help us learn, and every social gather…

The mood will be flirtatious and friendly, but we also may need to confront the big issues.

We all get to channel elements of crab, our animal teacher, under Friday’s new moon in Cancer.

Venus and Mars in Leo can provide some wonderfully honest performances, fabulous fireworks, and a chance for people to celebrate outside. But it’s not all party-party this holiday week.

As the summer solstice approaches, the planets encourage us to sit in a hammock and sip lemonade.

The astrological forecast calls for breezy and easy summer days, but a fog of spacey confusion lingers around the edges. The potential for both actual and metaphorical seismic activity is likely.

This week, the stars can get our engines running but can also leave our heads in a fog.

We could be in for a bumpy ride, so let’s pay attention to how we communicate this week. 

What affects one person or one country affects us all. Helping others can make our world better.

May Day, Beltane: We celebrate the heart of springtime this week on these earthiest of holidays. Right now, six planets are in earth signs; the sun, Uranus, Venus, Mer…

This week, be happily grounded and thoughtful when sitting in a flower-filled field.

Be wary of mood swings and political machinations this weekend as the sun and mental Mercury in fiery Aries both square transformative Pluto.

There is a lot of emotional fuel lying around with the sun, Venus, Mercury — and, this weekend, the moon — in independent Aries.

New truth comes to the surface this weekend as Mercury sextiles Pluto, then joins the sun and Venus in direct Aries on Saturday night.

Aries energy now courses through each blade of grass. We may feel excited or a nap coming on as Aries energy pulses. Although momentum builds this week, we may not be …

Notice a rush of energy and awakening after the sleepy, introverted time of Pisces. Venus joins the sun in Aries on Sunday, and our hearts look to the future.

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This week seeps in like melting snow, then builds momentum. Friday lingers as the waning moon conjuncts Venus and Neptune in Pisces.

It’s a low-energy time of the year. Any form of productive puttering can help with moments of melancholia.

A full moon in Virgo this weekend helps us kick off spring cleaning and instigates early sparks of spring fever. We can use that Virgo energy to complain, or we can ex…

Expect strange rhythms, odd delays, and swirling misunderstandings as Mercury appears to hold still this weekend.

Heart-centered Venus encourages us to care this weekend as it conjuncts expansive Jupiter and communicative Mercury.

The stars loan us a wandering mood this week. We’ll usually get along fairly well as long as we don’t stubbornly square off in our political or philosophical opinions …

This is a week to ask ourselves what’s been working for us and what we need to do this spring to turn our ships in a good direction.

Our society’s adrenaline is still pumping, and we’re ready for a big change as Jupiter, a planet symbolic of our temper that expands whatever it touches, now squares Mars.

Vulnerability and belligerence, friendship and service: These are all undertones of this week, along with restless change and strong opinions. 

As 2021 begins, the planets ask us to think about what philosophy guides us, and what our personal and collective responsibilities are. 

2020 is almost over, and we are so ready for a change. This week, Mercury and the sun both form an engaging trine with change-master Uranus, a planet that acts like a cosmic clutch to help us shift gears for the year ahead.

Changes that kicked in last week on the solar eclipse now pick up speed through the end of January.

Saturn in Aquarius brings our thoughts to social justice. We are at a turning point.

If we’re not careful this week, tensions can leak through into our tender relationships. We need to be clear about the source of tension and look for joy in one another.

Now through the end of January is a pivot point between astrological and political eras. The sun is waking up from an unusually long solar minimum; political and social changes build momentum with an active sun.

While we can feel a new enthusiasm and look forward to the future, our hearts can perseverate over some old resentments or new obsessions.

There’s something redundant about another Friday the 13th this year (the last one was in March). Although that date really depends on our personal associations, this F…

This week, the stars give us hints of the next chapter, even though we still have work to do in this one.