While we can feel a new enthusiasm and look forward to the future, our hearts can perseverate over some old resentments or new obsessions.

There’s something redundant about another Friday the 13th this year (the last one was in March). Although that date really depends on our personal associations, this F…

This week, the stars give us hints of the next chapter, even though we still have work to do in this one. 

It’s interesting that America chooses to vote a few days after Halloween, Samhain, and the Day of the Dead — all sun in Scorpio holidays which help us make our peace with ancestors, dance with our fears, and feed sweets to the future. 

The light shifts toward autumn, and the sun just entered focused Scorpio — creating the time of year when we face our fears for the long winter ahead. It’s time to look deep within our souls and our culture.

Keep calm and clear the mental fog. Reel that snappy comment back in and take a break rather than cut off a friendship. How we think and communicate can get reactive and glitchy. Choose to check facts and think through consequences.

Be ready to tie yourself to the mast if the storm picks up. During this tricky week, which may just be mildly irritating for some and energizing for others, we could see some real snafus.

The stars give us an opportunity to build momentum if we can focus our energy and stay on target. 

Notice a cloudiness of feeling while the sun opposes sensitive Neptune under an emotional Cancer moon this week.

Now that we are in the heart of Virgo season, it can give us a stomachache to look at the news.

This week, it can be hard to initiate new social contacts while Venus, in self-protective Cancer, opposes Pluto and Saturn.

This week marks the turning point from Leo’s high summer into Virgo’s harvest and preparation.

Let’s savor these days of high summer while the sun and Mercury simmer in dramatic Leo, the season usually dedicated to arts festivals, big family picnics, and summer romance.

The planets encourage a Leonine spectacle, stimulated by a full moon in Aquarius squaring Uranus on this week of high summer.

Happy birthday to the United States of America. An upcoming eclipse may facilitate much-needed change.

This weekend's annular solar eclipse means that changes are ahead. Anything that felt stuck could now become unstuck.

Recent solar flares have turned up the volume on history. This year’s three Jupiter-Pluto conjunctions maximize our longings for freedom. Activating Mars conjuncts sensitizing Neptune in Pisces, which can both leave us in a cloud of confusion and stir of anger over our vulnerabilities.

This week, the stars stimulate melancholic nostalgia mixed with restlessness. Our memories walk close with us as mental Mercury enters emotionally centered Cancer. 

Many of us have now become proficient at Zoom, or whatever our chosen form of communication, and may be getting bored. We’ll hanker after fresh territory and good news this weekend, with the sun, moon, Mercury, and Venus all in nervy Gemini.

Spring beckons. The planets and politics speak of the tension between our desire to roam and our need for safety as the sun trines intense Pluto and then trines expansive Jupiter.

This week is full of bittersweet oppositions; dogtooth violets and early lilac whisper as new virus statistics roll in. 

Our routines are disrupted, and we are probably not happy about that as the sun in Taurus, which loves to settle down in a groove, conjuncts on Sunday with unsettling, erratic Uranus, the planet of wacky changes.

Even under this pandemic, birds sing and flowers bud as the sun enters earthy Taurus this weekend. Wednesday brings the new moon in Taurus and Earth Day. It’s followed…

Our moods may become less overwhelming but more intense as Mercury leaves swampy Pisces and enters more intense but reactive Aries tonight. Let’s stay in the present moment. Ways we have coped with stress in the past may no longer be working, and we need to invent new ways to cope in this unpredictable week.

We are at the height of a pandemic of potential misinformation this weekend. We can accidentally write fiction when we think we’re telling the truth. 

This weekend, caring Venus is in her own earthy sign of Taurus and forms a friendly, supportive trine to the planets that are signaling the most trouble right now, and this could offer us some needed respite or purpose.

Spring has sprung. The sun is now in brave and feisty Aries and strengthens all our defense systems. Aries is notorious for the ready, fire, aim, approach: We have to …

This is a week of opportunity, though it may be slow to build momentum, and some of the gifts will come in strange packages. The planets have left us emotionally charged but with swampy thinking over the past five weeks. Mercury is now direct, the fuzzy aspects are dissipating, and our direction forward becomes clearer. If it’s not the direction we’d like, we now have more tools to plan the road ahead.

Let’s take a deep breath and pace ourselves. We can’t see where we’re going but could feel we urgently that have to get there as retrograde Mercury prepares to turn direct Sunday night, and the sun approaches a conjunction-foggy Neptune. Early next week, the clouds begin to clear and we can begin to see farther down the road.

The astrological mood can turn on a dime this week, and we have to find a healthy middle ground. First wisps of exciting spring renewal mingle with occasional moments of feeling overwhelmed by everyday pileups.

Let’s turn up the volume on our situational awareness this week. We need to stay aware of what’s around us and who we’re dealing with as the sun, retrograde Mercury, and Neptune dance together in sensitive Pisces. Otherwise, the situation can become confusing.

Star Codes, Feb. 14-20

Star Codes: Feb. 14-20

Valentine’s Day is an idealistic Aquarian holiday: The sign brings our minds to community and our physical and metaphysical interconnectedness.

While inspiration and emotional impatience crank up this week, logistical capacities begin to slow down. Venus has just entered brash Aries to encourage emotional and creative bravery and call up the first wisps of spring fever. But just as the heat turns up in our hearts, Mercury adds sludge to our efficiency when it appears to slow down to turn retrograde from Feb. 16 to March 9.

    On Sunday we mark winter’s halfway point, when Persephone begins to walk toward the upper worlds and when beans were traditionally started in the kivas. It’s also a traditional day for animal auguries of all types. Let’s be curious about what animals cross our paths as Venus sextiles Pluto, which asks for acts of affection and compassion.

    Star Codes, Jan. 24-30

    Star Codes, Jan. 24-30

    This Friday morning, a new moon and Mercury, both in Aquarius, call us to start a new cycle in our relationship to our respective tribes.

    What was set in motion over the last few weeks still echoes and calls for action. But with less major action you may have less excitement this week; instead of more being heaped upon our plates, we get a chance to work on what is already here.

    The planets start a new 38-year cycle as Saturn and Pluto conjunct in Capricorn on Sunday, as the sun and moon do every new moon. What we begin now will set up the rhythm for our work, structures, and power dynamics — which are all Saturn and Pluto issues — for the next 38-year cycle.

    We’re heading into a competent but potentially difficult few weeks. At the moment, we have five planets in Capricorn, with a major conjunction between Saturn and Pluto…

    Star Codes, Dec. 27, 2019-Jan. 2, 2020

    Star Codes, Dec. 27 to Jan. 2

    This week ends one decade and begins another under politically and personally strategic aspects. Take this opportunity to review the decade that was and to sort out what did and didn’t work.

    Welcome to the fertile psychic loam of the darkest week of the year. Late Saturday evening, the sun enters Capricorn and winter officially begins. Let’s gift ourselves with a moment of rest.

    The Geminids meteor showers peak this weekend around 2 a.m. each night. We could see up to 50 meteors an hour as Earth crosses paths with the comet 3200 Phaethon. 

    Pre-solstice frivolity glazes over deep emotions. We can enjoy camaraderie and still feel the world changing.