Star Codes: Oct. 2 to 8

We can travel the world in our minds this weekend, but any other transportation could get complicated. On Sunday, Mercury, which symbolizes our mental switchboard, transportation, the winds, and communication, will turn direct after three weeks retrograde. Soon the details will straighten out, but for now keep it simple and don’t be distracted where safety or timing is important.

It won’t be a quick relief from Mercury retrograde conditions because Mercury pivots directly opposite inspired but confusing Neptune, leaving us foggy and swirling in place for a few more days. If words get scrambled, take a Mercury pause; smile quietly, take notes, and discuss it again later in the week. Track keys and tools carefully or mercurial poltergeists will send them to Pluto. If something needs doing over again, do so with grace.

Luckily the weekend begins under an impatient, helpful, active Sagittarius moon with a warmhearted Venus-Jupiter opposition. The two emotional planets, Venus and Mars, are both in talkative air signs and help us communicate from the heart even when the weather rages or logistics tangle. Consider listening to at least one irate person and practice the healing power of holding empathetic space.

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