Star Codes: Oct. 2 to 8

Focus on those early, luminescent colors of fall and let them lift the mood during this introspective, potentially self-critical week. Klutziness comes easily and mistakes proliferate just when we’re so critically ingenious and perceptive as Mercury retrogrades back into Virgo. Instead of being so hard on ourselves or others blundering nearby, we can activate Virgoan healing compassion and the Libra sun’s kindliness and humor. Stay alert for real swirling emergencies, but for the rest, don’t sweat the details; laugh at the slapstick and make new friends along the way.

Mercury retrograde is great for correcting problems from the past. Make amends. Contact lost beloveds. But don’t try to repair what can’t be.

It’s not a great week to test new rocket ships, though it’s an effective time to hold a strike around Mercurial issues like education or transportation. Schedule extra time to deal with logistical chaos and paperwork. Be extremely careful when driving or emailing nasty vents. It’s too easy to miss the mark. Take any close call as an attention-focusing wake-up call.

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