Star Codes: Oct. 2 to 8

Rest from labors this Labor Day weekend while the Sagittarius moon encourages picnics and sociability, a good hike, and all outdoor efforts. Then work on a personal project on Labor Day itself as the moon in industrious Capricorn encourages us to improve our home or work on some enthusiastic avocation.

The ambitious Capricorn moon takes us into the week and helps us sharpen pencils and get back into work. Midweek an interpersonally curious Aquarius moon encourages team building, helps us understand our work culture, or helps us find new allies.

Network and strengthen goodwill midmonth because mental Mercury is preparing to turn retrograde on Sept. 9 for the next three weeks. With Mercury retrograde, we can review, reconnect, and work on projects we already have lined up, but it will be tricky to launch new work. We may need to wrestle with technical snags or delays, though they may prove beneficial in the long run. The more understanding and goodwill we have going in, the more we can laugh and use the glitches as bonding experiences rather than exasperations.

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