Star Codes: Oct. 2 to 8

Many of us could use some solitude or extra meditation time, a chance to turn inward instead of feeling tired and overextended as you’re caught in election season’s nervous buzz. With the sun, Mercury, and Venus now in Scorpio, a moment of solo time encourages us to listen to our source and find inner stability.

But pulling us back into action is an urgent need to feel like we are doing what we can to turn the world in a good direction. A coming lunar eclipse on Nov. 8, which is election day, can precipitate overdue action, unstick what is stuck, or shut the light out. Between the solar eclipse on Oct. 25 and this lunar eclipse, we might have to let go of a person, pet, limitation, or idea and sit in the dark for a minute before the new chapter begins.

Friday can leave us feeling permeable and potentially worried under a sensitive Pisces moon, but it ends on a fierce, brave note as the moon enters Aries for a busy, loud, and potentially contentious weekend.

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