Star Codes: Oct. 2 to 8

This week could get wacky. In this last week of Mercury retrograde, our thinking and communication can be out of sync, processes take longer than expected or have a last-minute snafu, and the store closes at strange hours. Old friends show up, missing things are found while found things go missing. Expect the unexpected.

Over the last few weeks, Mercury retrograde may have asked us to deal with an event, process, or emotion, a novella inserted into our life which interrupted some ordinary flow. Help that novella wrap up this week.

The weekend starts out moody and deep as emotional Venus in Aries squares intense Pluto on Friday. We may feel sad about the change in our ecosystem, the loss of our soldiers, or something more personal. Let’s remember and share stories on this Memorial Day weekend. Let the feelings flow through and assess what needs to be done to improve the situation.

A sensible response to this logistical wackiness along with strong emotions would be to slow down and simplify our lives. But we may find this hard to do as Mars and Jupiter conjunct in Aries on Sunday and insert a burst of energy, competition, minor explosions, and potentially strange impulses. We may see incredible acts of heroism, but also find it all too easy to start a project and get distracted by a passing


Let’s compete with our own personal best rather than take a dare. Take a deep breath, make sure we understand our situation and think through consequences before acting on a sudden flash of temper or impulse.

FRIDAY, MAY 27: Routines help steady us if some event or memory triggers emotional volatility while Venus squares Pluto. We need to both let those feelings flow through us safely and constructively and respect what it calls us to do to honor the memory or improve the situation. Plant a tree.

SATURDAY, MAY 28: Tend to earthly things this morning: sleep in, get cozy or engage in an adventure, but certainly enjoy breakfast as the tactile Taurus moon conjuncts Uranus and Venus enters Taurus. Blend practical help with emotional comfort; we are all processing emotions.

SUNDAY, MAY 29: Let’s be careful what we start as Mars conjuncts Jupiter and offers the energy to commence a project or a war. Put a lead time on reactions, keep a sense of humor engaged, and start wonderful things.

MONDAY, MAY 30: The early morning new moon in verbal Gemini offers a different way of thinking about the world, a chance to change perspective, and to see our world afresh. Nervous energy can become anxiety if we don’t tend to our bodies and other earthly matters. Talk over the moment and check on contacts.

TUESDAY, MAY 31: Check in on work contacts as the moon trines organized Saturn midafternoon. Listen for news about some fundamental shift in funding or chains of authority. Make important calls about an ongoing situation. Follow through so the ball is not dropped.

WEDNESDAY, JUNE 1: Let’s forgive ourselves our doubts and take a few moments in our cozy comfort zone under an introspective Cancer moon, then go out and take the next sensible risk. Don’t push people today. Make it safe for them to stay open, or they will jump back.

THURSDAY, JUNE 2: Slow down, speak softly. It is all too easy to misunderstand, too easy to snap in defensive anger; listen with the heart as much as the mind and confirm all facts before acting. Bring some small chapter toward conclusion as new ones are about to start. ◀

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