Star Codes: Oct. 2 to 8

This could be a week of mishaps that have nothing to do with Friday the 13th. Our reaction time is hair trigger with Jupiter and Venus in impulsive Aries, but our coordination can be off as Mercury retrogrades in Gemini and leaves us fuzzy-headed and distracted. But if we drop into our heart, we can produce creative compassionate miracles.

Luckily this Friday brings a friendly Libra moon stabilized by a trine to competent Saturn, an aspect which loans us sanity and helps us handle the smaller snafus. It’s time to engage all Mercury retrograde skills to survive and thrive. Check for misunderstandings whenever tempers rise. Confirm all reservations. Track car keys and important messages carefully and make use of delays constructively. Stay situationally aware whenever doing anything risky, like walking down a gravel road or carrying a cup of coffee. Use these next few weeks to catch up on old projects and reconnect with old friends and business contacts.

Over the weekend a broody, moody, and focused Scorpio moon builds up to a full moon lunar eclipse Sunday night. Eclipses can shake things up, breaking down old patterns that we’re ready to release and opening trapped energy. We can use this eclipse consciously to release an old habit and begin a new pattern.

The moon enters upbeat Sagittarius on Monday and helps us to reassess our situation. Activating Mars conjuncts mythic Neptune midweek and encourages us to let go of an ambition or anger that no longer serves us and dream a new direction. This conjunction can leave us confused or easily overwhelmed if we push, so let’s take this next path one step at a time.

FRIDAY, MAY 13: Pay attention to make this a lucky Friday. Expect a few close calls but use the general goodwill to facilitate progress. Some old worries or concerns get triggered midday and call us to activate our resources. Keep dinner low key; share stories from the long week past.

SATURDAY, MAY 14: A waxing Scorpio moon brings blustering internal winds; our moods could be dark, but we can use this focus to look at tough things or renew our soul. Watch for territorial behavior. Find something productive to obsess upon.

SUNDAY, MAY 15: Tonight’s full moon eclipse at 10:13 p.m. precipitates endings and beginnings. Clear the decks, but don’t throw anything away unnecessarily; play these scenarios for the long haul. If a major shift is needed, let the eclipse clear the way.

MONDAY, MAY 16: Assess the world with fresh eyes as circumstances may have shifted overnight. Check in with the team, deal with emergencies, and look for something potentially hopeful as the moon enters Sagittarius and trines Jupiter. If midday brings a minor disorientation, reconnect through movement, laughter, or the natural world later on.

TUESDAY, MAY 17: Put a five-second lead on comments. It may be true or funny and still not translate well. It’s too easy to put our foot in our mouth as Mercury semi-squares Venus. What’s going on behind the scenes can make us tactless.

WEDNESDAY, MAY 18: Make sure to be on right track before barreling ahead as Mars conjuncts Neptune this morning while the moon enters ambitious Capricorn. Anger can spike over misunderstandings or narrowed thinking. Let this conjunction help dream new directions instead.

THURSDAY, MAY 19: We may be on the other side of a block, but our priorities can clarify this morning as the sun trines Pluto. Some cloud of misperception clears, so now’s the time to ask good questions and make short-term decisions for the next step forward. ◀

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