Star Codes: Oct. 2 to 8

The astrological energy swirls and eddies like floodwaters this weekend as both Mercury and Saturn appear to hold still now through Saturday. Mercury turns direct after three weeks retrograde just as Saturn turns retrograde for the next few months. The energy river begins to level out next week so we can make progress.

But first we could spin in circles. These stationary planets ask us to be quiet and move thoughtfully, but Mars in Aries conjuncts expansive Jupiter which can act like a rocket pack and push us for action, heat tempers, and add fuel to any productive fire or conflagration. This Mars loans us an adolescent impulsive energy: quick to fight, rebel, or leap into heroic action.

It’s time we had a good long talk with our inner adolescent, tap into that raw energy and passion, give it a worthy job, and let it rebel against the world’s dysfunction and help our inner Mars work with Saturn, which symbolizes our responsible voice, the parent within. With Saturn retrograde, strong in its own sign of Aquarius while Mars flashes in Aries, we can expect generational tension between family members or between our own inner ages. Guns are ruled by Mars and controlled by Saturn, so this will keep the action and debate on the front burner.

Through the weekend, a sociable Leo moon adds panache and daring to that fire, just when we need to slow down and move with grace. Monday through Wednesday, the Virgo moon can leave us a bit high strung but encourages us to get organized and start on the next chapter.

FRIDAY, JUNE 3: Morning could be tumultuous as Mercury begins to turn direct; the moon opposes Pluto, and hidden information and opinions surface. Stay centered. The world may look very different in a few hours. Tonight brings a sense of relief, a desire to gather or act out as the moon trines Jupiter.

SATURDAY, JUNE 4: Get out and about. Prioritize safety first but feel this shift in energy; people are more ready to explore and socialize than they have been all spring. Performance arts sing, county fairs shine, competitions spark, and demonstrations have impact.

SUNDAY, JUNE 5: Tend to responsibilities, but keep the heart open; we can bond as we work if we invest in camaraderie. Just watch for dueling egos in the late afternoon as the moon squares Mercury; graciously express gratitude rather than grandstanding and expecting applause.

MONDAY, JUNE 6: Catch up. Look for work bypassed in the last few weeks under an efficient and nervy Virgo moon. Underneath this efficiency is a desire to get lost in a sudden creative urge or romantic fantasies as Venus challenges Neptune. Notice new romantic or creative sparks but stay present.

TUESDAY, JUNE 7: Turn frustration into creative problem-solving. Work and impulse, responsibilities and desires, old and young mindsets can feel at odds as Saturn challenges Mars. Find a way to honor both.

WEDNESDAY, JUNE 8: Look for some practical magic today as the Virgo moon trines Mercury and Pluto, all in earth signs, early in the morning. It can dissolve obstacles. Choose some recalcitrant problem or urgent issue and call in the resources and determination. People may be unsociably distracted early on but appreciate company tonight.

THURSDAY, JUNE 9: This morning half of us may want confrontation, while the other half craves peace as the Libra moon opposes Mars. The day softens, and we become friendly, ready, and needing to make new connections which further refreshes plans. Collaborate and check in with associates, as well as lonely friends and relatives. ◀

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