Star Codes: Oct. 2 to 8

Let life slow down this holiday week. Mercury appears to slow and hold still, then turns retrograde on Thursday, Dec. 29, which is wonderful for those moments when we can truly let go of our busy lives, celebrate the turn of the season, and rest. The sun is at its lowest ebb in this Northern Hemisphere; starting on Friday, Dec. 23, the days begin to grow longer. As long as we take our time and don’t stress about doing just right, all can be well, though that can be a tall order.

Friday’s new moon in competent and determined Capricorn resonates through the weekend and nudges us to do something, anything; we can push and pull at our life, our cooking, or at one another. A friendlier, more relaxed Aquarius moon on Christmas day can help us gather and appreciate our circles if we can laugh about our foibles and let each one show up just as they are, rather than hold everyone to an Aquarian ideal of a perfect holiday.

Next week begins under a sensitive Pisces moon, so go gently and listen attentively. Keep the rhythm slow and thoughtful even as the pulse speeds up when the moon enters willful and active Aries as Mercury turns retrograde for the next three weeks and complicates any rush. Get busier but prioritize safety and keep the heart open and patience on tap.

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