Star Codes: Oct. 2 to 8

Hold still for a moment during this darkest week in the northern hemisphere. Even in this busy season, find solace and rest in the deep quiet during this liminal moment, in a break between major transits, in the dark winter’s chill. Find our universal connection in that quiet.

Like a dormant tree, let this quiet seep into the bones to renew because it’s going to be a busy season ahead. We can use that quiet to contemplate what we want to launch this year as Jupiter enters Aries. Jupiter symbolizes what opens us, expands our world, broadens our horizons. Look for the arrival of interesting people and possibilities, as well as new problems that reach a crisis point as Jupiter enters exuberant, direct, brave, urgent, revolutionary Aries.

This weekend the planets encourage us to meander and see the twinkling lights with the sun in extroverted Sagittarius and moon in relationship-oriented Libra. With Venus and Mercury in pragmatic Capricorn, we’ll need to stay on task and deal with the world’s serious issues.

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