Ian Stuart

Weeding up the riff-raff: comedian Ian Stuart

Given our ineffective and over-compensated Congress, a spate of seemingly indiscriminate drone strikes overseas, and a global scandal surrounding a retired, tweeting pontiff — who among you longs for a good laugh with a heaping side of punk-rock ethos as a temporary distraction?

You can have all this and more at 9 p.m. Friday, March 8, at The Underground at Evangelo’s (200 W. San Francisco St., 577-5893), when comedians John Tole and Ian Stuart, who are touring under the banner of equal-opportunity offender Howard Stern, take the stage. Stuart, a Portland, Maine, resident in his late 20s, holds the curious distinction of having his debut full-length comedy album (titled Day Drinker) released on a European hardcore/metal record label. Yes, that’s right rockers: if you want metal gristle (Show Your Teeth, Teamkiller) and giggles, it’s one-stop shopping at Acuity Records. The pairing does make some sense, because Stuart’s brand of dark, in your face, college-outcast-ready stoner comedy is about as raw and riff-heavy as the proggiest metal bands out there today.

Headliner Tole’s material is grounded in the anti-establishment wheelhouse of ’80s punk rock and thrash metal. Although his quick-fire act has been pegged as politically incorrect, he’s one of the few successful touring alternative comics who has experience as a road-seasoned musician in hardcore-punk bands. He’s paid his dues in long drives, broken-
down vehicles, crappy meals, couch surfing, lame crowds, and even lamer business transactions. You’re bound to hear a thing or two you don’t agree with in a tone that will piss you off. Deal with it, or join the comedy circuit yourself and get paid dirt to complain.

Also on the bill is local comedian John Duke. You may recognize Duke as Santa Fe’s balloon-animal man. He’s a seasoned local comedian who knows his way around a lame crowd. And he can juggle! Performing in the U.S. for more than 20 years, Duke has shared the stage with the likes of Bill Hicks, Sam Kinison, and Ron White. He made me a naughty balloon animal once. I still have pictures. Admission to the 21-and-older show is $10 at the door.



This is iNKland

If you missed the Luke Carr/iNK oN pAPER tag-team CD-release show at High Mayhem Emerging Arts a few weeks back (see the Feb. 22 installment of Sound Waves), don’t sweat it. At 7 p.m. Monday, March 11, Carr, iNK oN pAPER, and Seattle’s Song Sparrow Research converge at Santa Fe Sol Stage & Grill (37 Fire Place, www.solofsantafe.com) for a night of jazz-inflected indie pop and postpunk. The name Song Sparrow Research stems from a project that singer/guitarist Hamilton Boyce participated in as an undergrad while pursuing a degree in ecology and evolutionary biology at the University of Washington. The group incorporates elements of rock, jazz, classical, and folk music using guitar, cello, upright bass, electric bass, glockenspiel, drums, synths, and other assorted instruments. While fans of Beach House and Beirut are tailor-made for this ensemble’s charming chamber-pop excursions, don’t put it past Song Sparrow Research to hit you with some seriously explosive jams when you least expect it. Advance $8 tickets for the all-ages show (full bar with I.D.) are available through the Santa Fe Sol website.

— Rob DeWalt

Twitter: @Flashpan